Charoite V 3.0?

So I left Bundless for awhile and my planet lapsed. Not sure why I got so lucky, but my first roll of a planet upon my return was perfect. I love it. I’m going to start posting some screenshots of various part of my builds, so here is a tour of my Sweetshop, my current build. Charoite is off the Sov wall at the TNT hub.
My plan for Dec was to work on a Christmas build but some IRL circustances sort of dampened my “Christmas Spirit” and I found myself unable to get into the build. So, candy shop it was! I did a version of this once before, but hope I was able to ramp it up a notch!


I absolutely adore this!

Your’re sweet. It was a salve to m soul to make it and fun to boot. Can’t beat that combo.

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This is my purple color museum. I am only showing the entrance because I haven’t yet found the right…interior yet. I mean I built something but I don’t feel it’s in it’s final form.

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