Chat box help

Any body know how to make my chat box stay on screen and continue to scroll with each new message I hate how I have to manually scroll down through all the messages to see the last thing said.

Far as I know there is no way to keep chat open while actively playing. You can sit there with it open tho :sweat_smile: and since you can’t keep it open it won’t scroll since you haven’t “read” those messages yet.

You also seem to be of the minority. Everyone else was complaining there was too many people chanting and they didn’t want to see everything or the numbers for unread messages :joy:

Yup I’m not liking this much either it’s starting to annoy me already :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and I’m normally such a happy person

I think they said there’s a bug with it not scrolling and they are going to fix it. I would also like mine to stay open in the bottom left corner. It was built as a PM/mailbox and not a regular chat system - from what they said, so it works a little differently.

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I’d like the option to leave the chat box open and be able to adjust the size and opacity.


I would like this too. and the ability to move it around on the screen.

There is a lot of information that you should be able to send to the chat box if you wanted to.

*combat log

*drops that you pick up


*creating tabs instead of a drop down menu when you change channels

I would benefit from from being able to split my chat box in 2 and being able to select what I want to display in each box only. And then create different tabs to customize other boxes.

*move it around the screen and set opacity.

Toggle weather you want chat to scroll or not

Toggle weather you want the chat box to fade back

These should all be standard options and I’m not quite sure why we dnt have these options to customize our chat boxes.