Chat isn't working


I know if someone leaves the world, you can’t respond back -but- when someone is whispering me, and standing right in front of me & I can’t reply…it’s a little weird. I have to shout. :unamused: This happens 90% of the time when someone whispers me. Sometimes I can reply back to a PM…sometimes.


same happened to me last night. Didnt show whisper only the blank @


Yup, has happened to me more than once as well, not all the time but when it happens I’m usually trying to talk to more than person at the same time, and/or switching from replying to a PM to replying to a local whisper, etc.


This keeps happening to me too…


After looking into it, I can confirm that it sometimes only shows the @ symbol instead of @(username), so this has been added to the bug database. Oddly enough, I could only get it to occur on Mac, although I suspect everyone here has seen it on different platforms.


Just a thought, is it linked to parental control settings?


PC player here.


I’m on PC too


PS4 here…


This just happened…When someone contacts me using a whisper, mailbox PM, or PM channel, it seems like I’m not able to reply back within the same channel.

This person PMd me via my mailbox. When I clicked on their msg, my only option was a whisper. Then I clicked it again and it shows /say as the channel that I can use. This happens 50%+ of the time.


I was talking like normal in chat (shout/saying), and then when I typed a couple of words (something like thank you) and pressed enter, it didn’t enter, and it kept going.
Pressing enter didn’t send message to chat, instead it kept adding space.

Also I noticed that I couldn’t trade when this happened, and I had to close out the game.


I’ve had this issue too, it seems to happen a lot


We have a fix for this, which should appear in an upcoming hotfix / update.