:chester: While we eagerly await customizable characters :chester:

So, as some of you might know, I’ve started a topic earlier this week where I continously add suggestions and share my opinons about what I would like to see added and what could be better in Boundless.

One of those points I made to my evergrowing list were concerning character customization, or rather the lack thereof. I was also upset and hoping that the current “change model template” ingame wasn’t permanent. And then a certain dev replied this:

…which brings me to the idea behind this particular topic. Being assured that being able to change the model template ingame at any time is only temporary, I just figured hey, let’s make the most out of it while we wait.

If we’re all being honest with ourselves, then I think we can all agree on there being limited amount of model templates to choose from right now. So let’s just say that the devs has granted us the access to add more templates.

So just for the fun of it:
What feline model templates would YOU like to see added?

And to clarify; by that I mean costumes and apparel for the feline species, not new races. :wink: There are plenty of other topics handling those suggestions…

Spoof and serious suggestions alike, bring 'em on!

Like for instance, I know that it would’ve been impossible to actually allow it ever happening, also it would’ve been impossible due to copyright, but still just for imagining-purposes: how awesome wouldn’t it be to see this feline-species rockin’ that Link-costume! lol :joy:

No suggestions are too stupid, just go with it! :stuck_out_tongue:


i really want an avian, an amphibian, and an insectoid, even though i love cats, i like chitinous plating/exoskeletons way more, amphibian race could have a cool water bonus or something, and honestly bird people just always have the coolest designs in games i’ve played. would love to see them put to good use in Boundless

for feline things, i’d love to see a backpack kind of thing available more than a Link costume


Wow… talk about a tough croud! :stuck_out_tongue: so there’s really noone in here that has suggestions? I find that hard to believe… :open_mouth:

Pikachu onesie


I always love having a risqué costume on games that incorporates armor and flow-y fabric. Where it would have a warrior look but still be super feminine and beautiful! :heart_eyes_cat::dress: Of course, it’s not realistically viable because you could easily be slashed open and left to die… Oh well! :joy:

I also loves capes. Super simple, but I love jumping off of things and pretending like I’m awesome… I could pretend to fly just swinging around with a grappling hook!

In regards to your link comment, yes please! :slight_smile:


bird people for days