Chisel guide?


How do you read that image? Are they arranged in correlation to the chisels,


the red is square chisels, the lime is bevel, and the dark green is slopes. the colored numbers to the left of each configuration indicate how many little chunks of the block make up the chiseled portion, and the Xnumbers indicate how many different rotations each configuration can have.


Alright are you able to give a hand now? :slight_smile:


You could easily make a diamond shape with a cube of 8 blocks and a silver chisel (still need the chisel epic I think though)


So the different material chisels do different things? Like a silver precision chisel cant do the same stuff as a gold?


Exactly. Stone=rectangle chunks. Copper=big angles. Iron=bevel.


No i mean the material of the same type. Does a gold precision anything(square, slope, bevel) outperform a silver or iron precision of the same type


Or is there only 1 type of each? Like copper is the only precision slant?


I’m pretty sure no 2 chisels do the same thing. I can’t say for sure, I’ve never had a chisel higher than iron.


Right. Im just wondering if there are multiple types. Like is there a iron precision bevel and a silver one or diamond? Etc.


It would make sense what you are saying. Like the higher ones would just be more durable? I dunno.


I think higher ones are more precise angles.


stone chisels - basic square chisel, takes off 2 nodes per hit
titanium chisels - higher tier square chisel, takes off one node per hit

Iron - basic bevel, takes off 2 per hit
gold - higher tier bevel, take off 1 per hit

Copper- basic slope, takes off 2 corners to make a slope
Silver - higher tier slope, takes off 1 corner to make a less steep slope (refer to image i posted with details on this one)

these chisels can only chisel up to a certain tier of block. i believe you are not able to chisel titanium blocks without using either the titanium chisel or gem chisels.


Alright cool. I saved the screenshot of that guide thx


I am assuming you no longer need help since you removed your post? :eyes:


Yes ma’am you are correct. :wink:


Just so you know … @Jiivita made a very interesting video about Chiseling … great guide … wish I had made it :stuck_out_tongue: