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Aktubio :wave:

After my last video with the Block Placing, there was talk about how chiselling was also a good method of getting XP. So I thought “why not make a XP Farm for it?” So… that is this :slight_smile:

Shout out to @georgegroeg for the insane chisels and also for making me a video to teach me how to do it for myself :beers:


Ha. Just watched it. That’s awesome. I miss the dojo. It was on my pc character and reclaimed ages ago. Lol. My new area needs a cool futuristic glide track. And I have a bunch of black ice I bought from somewhere ages ago that needs a use. :ok_hand::beers::+1:


@monty1 I hope the fix for these is something like stopping us from sliding on ice or slime blocks.

Nerfing block handling XP will mean that players who are earning cubits playing (building, farming, etc…) will be nerfed across the board at every level.

The intro made me laugh so hard :rofl:

Other than that a lot of interesting and informative stuff, as always with you @Ovis :+1: :sunglasses:


I simply wanted a floor made out of machined titanium, then I wanted it chiseled… but then I didn’t want it anymore so I got rid of it.

I tend to go through this process quite often, so I thought it wise to put together this build. I didn’t even think of the XP.


Hahaha cheers my dude :fist_right::fist_left:

Ahh man the memories! Daaaamn a black glide track is so Reaper’y :ok_hand:

Cheers man :beers:

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Have a heart 'cause I gotta admit, that was funny :rofl:

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Haha thanks :joy:

But here’s the thing about the glide track. If it was nerfed/broken etc, it would be a huge loss, because of its other creative applications (transport, other fun builds and of course the wolf whistles you get when you zoom on by a fellow citizen in your undies).

But I don’t need the glide track to make an XP farm, hell I don’t even need Ice/Slide. The glide track is just a nice way to do it.

The funny thing about this, is that out of all the applications that ice/slide blocks have (slides, minigame difficulty and just general immersion of ice being slippery when stood on) the only thing that it wouldn’t effect, is XP farms. All that would do is make us rebuild into another design.

If the devs want to nerf xp farms, I’d suggest they talk to the people making them, because they know them inside out. I know how I’d go about nerfing it. But I don’t wanna spout on about that here :+1:

There’s lots of ways to do things, when they remove something people will find a new way. I’ve built a couple of glide tracks, they’re fun and useful.

Apparently they also enable a lot of activities to be configured for “afk play” which is both valueless in terms of any aspect of community, economy, etc… and really backstabs the developers. Your open enthusiasm for this, frankly, has really shocked me. Especially since you don’t appear to be american tbh.

This is the endless fight of course, here or anywhere. I’d rather wreck some side activities or minor emergent game play than core game.

Also none of us here have much insight into how Monumental is going to approach things once they get going, AFAIK. They could separate cubits from the monetization chain in several ways, or they could remove the ability to earn them in game all together. Ideally with a start up amount or a cap on “earned cubits” to allow people some plots to get hooked. The logic of controlling the server space coming at a specific cost is really simple and obvious. Maybe none of this matters in a few months.

Until then, assuming that the general outline of the current systems stay in place, that’s my honest opinion. Remove the exploitable features that impact side play, rather than just taking the easy path and devaluing the core activities across the board.

As it stands we just might all end up surprised.

Editing in some further BS:

When the high end flowers and rocks became a problem, the first thing they did was kill the gathering profession. A solid knee-jerk from Wonderstruck.

They did come back later and start assigning the “dug up” status to a lot more items, allowing them to return some of the lost XP to the core gameplay.

Not everything is solved in one step, and as you note this sort of fight is an ongoing battle.

Inflation is murdering Europe so here I’ll be gone forever. “Hooking” my ass. Personally I’ll only accept unintrusive ways.

I guess I need to step up my farm game now, eh?

Anyone who wanna sponsor me with about 3000 coils? :grimacing::laughing: