Chisel problem

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I’ve been building a bit and one thing that has been bothering me in particular is the fact that on walls you can’t achieve something with the chisel, that you can on the floor and ceiling.

Square convex on floor.

Square concave on wall.

Convex on wall.

This is the problematic example. The 4 corner blocks can’t be chiseled to stay in a square shape, like on the floor.


Hm, yeah, never noticed that, just tested, it’s not working the same.

I saw that too some time ago. It is just impossible to get that shape. I wanted to use it form the roof of my old shop and tried many times but it is not possible to chissel it that way.


It has always been like that. Hopefully they give the chissle shapes one last look at befor 1.0. By far my favorite tool.


Here’s a link to the explanation from @lucadeltodecso from a previous discussion;