Chisel warp conduit blocks

It seems these are not chisellable (?).

I have only now realise how much I like them as a decorative block (as much for the nice, subtle, muted glow they give as anything else), and it would be great if we could.

If they some how lost their function and just became a ‘standard’ block to use as a decorative piece, the limit on how many can be adjacent would be removed.


yeah, often thought that;

I would even prefer them to lose their functionality (not just when chiseled) as it’s rather inconvenient to activate the interaction menu by accident when around them.

Maybe, I there was a way to switch interactive state on/off (think transforming chisel and LED blocks), it could also allow building with them more freely than it is possible now (I mean the limits on placement them together in any size and shape).


I concur with this post.:pig:

I would like this too. Maybe we could run them through the extractor? It would be cool if the color could be changed also.

New block type: Depleted Conduit

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They can be chiseled but only if they are part of a meteor.

How ever i use them a lot. Look great and Give some light.
Don’t know why it is that warp can’t be horizontal placed like a square as portal can. But i guess till we get a new function for the warp ill accept as is.

Would like it if I had the ability to chisel, color and what not.

Kinda wish we had Portal and Warp blocks that were decorative. Like, the ability to re-craft the active ones to make them inactive? Or simply giving them a bap with a regular totem to ‘power them on’.