Chiseling help

Still pretty new to chisel work and I’m wondering if there is any workaround about filling in the gaps left by 1/2 blocks. This is on a wall face, and I’d like to get the fill the same color as the wall. I know…LOL!

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Do you mean a gap like this:

If so, there isn’t a good way to resolve that, as far as I know. When I’ve run into this, I’ve just redesigned the area.


U could put it behind it


Chiseling is kind of trail and error… only way to really learn it is to do it… that said you can check some things at Terra Nova (TNT and DK Lamblis is the fastest way) the 3 outer buildings and such.

Most of the bigger structures are designed with “fat” walls meaning if you make the front of a wall 2 blocks or more thick you can use the first layer to design a chisel boarder and the back layer to close of the wall.

More layers equals to more design options.

Did before the redo for example where the waterways where a wall of 3 thick.
Back layer corruption
Middle layer brick
Front layer marble.
Half slapped middle and back (full block could fit between) and half slapped the frond.
Looking on top you would see a “block” (front and middle half slap) space of one block and the half slap back wall.
Frond was deco border middle chiseled to kind of a vent cover.

Giving the effect when walking by that the wall moves because of the seemingly moving corruption behind it.

Can kind of see it at the outer buildings for my shops still

Small tip you can technically check how someone has chiseled a block by holding chisel(s) in your hand (you will se a red outline but still could help).

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You can also try to shift the design a half block by making it bigger or smaller (just one half of a block). Do that most times and can give the opportunity to use an other chisel type.

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