Chiseling: Seams when beveling two blocks in one direction, but not the other

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I don’t know if this is a bug or not, and I did attempt to search the forums for someone talking about this, so my apologies if I missed something.

I made a giant sword and in order to get the edge geometry I want I have to hit the right (or left) side of a block once with a regular bevel chisel, then bevel the block next to it all the way to a small “vertical corner” piece so that it slopes down to a “sharp” edge. You can see it in this screenshot:

The left edge of this blade as well as the right are chiseled in the same way, but there are “seams” (not to be confused with ore seams) on the left, but not on the right. I have been playing around with this and trying to chisel this same configuration of blocks facing all directions and placing blocks in different ways (against the floor, against something above, against something to the side, etc) and it always behaves in the following way: If you bevel a vertical edge of a block once, then bevel the block to the RIGHT of it down to its smallest vertical slice, you get no seams. If you do the same thing but going to the left, there is ALWAYS a seam.

Here’s another pic to illustrate this a bit more clearly:

I don’t particularly care whether or not there is a seam there. For the case of my sword blade it does look nicer without the seam, but I can see why the devs might not want it that way. At this point I’m just trying to figure out why it isn’t consistent. Thanks.

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I’ve noticed this with chiseling natural wood where sometimes you get the bark showing and other times the tree rings show. Like your example it’s reproduceable based on facing direction.

My best guess is that the textures for a block aren’t radially symmetric so it’s hard to get symmetry around 1 axis. The textures are aligned for surface tiling instead. (Notice how the tops of the two middle blocks in your example tile, even though you intend them to be mirrored.)

It seems like the engine supports block rotation since trunks and refined sedimentary alter based on how you place them. But there’s currently no way to choose between orientations that would look the same as full blocks but chisel differently.

The best idea I’ve heard to solve this is a wood chisel which rotates blocks. With that you’d be able to place the block in the right orientation to remove the seam.

Some blocks have an orientation, some do not. This orientation, however, doesn’t affect this chiselling issue.

Rather, when you use the bevel chisel to make the pentagonal piece (as seen from the top of the block), the texture that is applied to the bevel face is always the texture on the right side of that bevel face. As such, you’ll get that seamless look for the matching tiny triangle piece placed to the right of that bevel face, but never to the left.

I’ve seen the request for this feature (wood chisel) as well. The only thing there is would such a chisel rotate the already beveled block as a whole, or just rotate it as if it were originally properly placed? It’d still be tricky to get it right without having to play around for an inordinate amount of time. Like I said, whether or not the seam is there isn’t really a huge problem, I’m just trying to figure out how to get it consistent either way.