Chisels Speed-up after the 2nd hit

I tried looking for a thread on this, sorry if this had been discussed already.

When using a chisel and holding down the action button, the first two hits are one speed and subsequent hits are markedly faster. No other mechanic works like this, do we have an explanation for why?


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Its the same with block placement, its in the settings. You can have ‘off’, slow, fast? its to make chiselling / placing blocks easier with fast speed


When they added guild buffs we had the problem that with the now increased block placement speed you were no longer able to place single blocks. That’s why this feature was added. If I remember correctly you can disable it in the settings.


Oh wow! I had no idea this could be disabled! XD

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll look for this next time I’m on!

Yeah, it was bad :joy:

Attempt to place one block and :face_vomiting: random blocks everywhere.