Chisels that take Half a block


Honestly, I think the wooden chisel should be used for something we actually need. Since there are already multiple ways to get a slab, I don’t see the point in wasting an open chisel spot on a slab.

Make the wooden chisel a new slope chisel. A slope that spans two block lengths. The current 45 degree slope I feel is too steep, so a slope that would take 2 blocks in length to reach 1 block in height… if that makes any sense.


this has been talked about at great length in previous threads. basically it would require thousands of new block shapes and it was already a task and a half to make the ones that exist already.
They are not making any more slope shapes. =\

though I would be delighted if they used the uber-rare materials for the 2x1 slope…
I’m not against the idea, but they’ve already expressed their reasoning and I understand the complexity


Thousands? I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Wouldn’t it be 48 orientations * 2 block shapes, totaling 96 different orientations? I just tried to figure it out in my head, but maybe I am missing something?


each block type that is able to be chiselled must be mapped out or wrapped around every shape and sometimes for different rotations/orientations. so I am probably massively underestimating. it could be in the millions.


I don’t think they texture every shape. That’s why we can’t have chiseled glass. It’s also why textures are stuck on at strange angles sometimes.


no, we can’t have chiseled glass because it would just be blank in the middle and the game can’t tell where the edge should be in each individual case. sometimes you’d want the edge where the game doesn’t think it should be etc.
just do a forum search for chisels and dev responses. it is A LOT more complicated than you think.


Exactly - so if they texture mapped every possible shape, we could have glass. If you look at the way Refined Igneous chisels you can see the problem glass would create - there would need to be thousands of new textures for every chisel of every block.


Yeah they definitely don’t texture every shape combination.


You don’t say? These chisels don’t exist yet either! :wink:

Smileys, it’s a thing, it was half joke, half a bit sarcastic about people complaining how difficult the new blocks are to craft, hence why I thought of this :slight_smile: