Chisels that take Half a block


I think this would be great to have it’s a bit annoying hitting thing two times to get a half block and just think that this would be a great tool to have for builders


a perfect use for a wooden chisel!

I approve!


Great idea


I have a vision of a fairly beefy wooden chisel that can cleave a 1m block in 2 :slight_smile: But yes, this is so right it should already be the thing!


Hell to the yes!
Wooden chisel to cut blocks in half! That would make my life soooo much easier.


While I do love the idea of having wooden chisels for this, the reality is a bit mind boggling. We’d be using the weakest material in the game to slice some of the strongest in half?
Would this have a durability of 10? :smiley:


No idea was just throwing the idea out as I think it would help a lot off players


It could be the function of one of the new matters like rift they are bringing on T7s


If thats the case, no thanks! I’ll stick with my 2 hits with stone.
Which is 46248826% easier to find


Actually, a cut in half would be one of the simplest cuts you could make, as it’s just positioning the chisel and… wham.


This would be very nice. It could be done by knocking back the abilities of the square chisel and adding a new forge boon for all chisels, unlocking the square chisel’s full abilities as well as adding a new layer of detail to bevel and slope. This would put the bevel chisel so two hits on the same corner would be like one hit with a full square chisel. Not sure if there would be a performance issue, but it would be cool to take off all eight corners of a block or leave them. A finer slope would open up some really nice possibilities as well.


How would it work on walls? Would it cut the block in half vertically or horizontal? Same for floor. Seems like there would be times it would make chiseling harder


It would have to take the front face.


Yes agreed the side directly in front of you


Which means there’s still times where you would just need to use the square chisel.


I don’t see any down sides to this. You could always continue to use other chisels to access more difficult cuts.


Of course, it just adds a real benefit to the laborious work of trimming a whole floor or ceiling. Effectively halving the amount of time, possibly more.


It would work exactly like the current square. You aim closer to one of the edges to cut off half of the block. If needed vertically, you stand on top block of a wall and aim downwards. Or, after taking half of the bottom two blocks with stone chisel (4 hits facing them), you get underneath the third block andchisel upwardly.

So exactly the same technique as with stone chisel, just less hits.


Nah, a rift chisel, or a darkmatter one, etc.

You want easier life chiseling? Go mine at a T7+! :slight_smile:


They dont exist yet.
And using the rarest item in the game to make the simplest cut?
That is utter nonsense. What a massive waste. I can make a stack of stone chisels and chisel 100 blocks in the time it takes me to make one super enriched bonding agent. (I always mass craft anyway)
If the uber rare materials are programmed to chisel half blocks you can GUARANTEE I will never use them.