Christmas in July

I know this is a long shot. But what’s the chance of somehow getting an oortmas in July? There’s a bit of a gap between events.
Just a random thought.

@Tiggs :eyes::heart:

I know there’s no team to actually make this happen. But for the future. :v::beers:


1st Thought that came to mind was the creation of New Oortian Keys for a Early Christmas Present xD

But early Oortmas good to but but but you know a Color Changing Exo could work tooo (^-^)


Color changing exo - yes please :smiley: never seen it due to my break :smiley:

maybe color changing exo once a month? for a day?


Why not all the planets?

I came back to add:

If this is easy for them to do It would certainly be a much appreciated bit of variety here and there. More meaningful than an entire extra event cycle (no matter the event) to a lot of people, I guess.

It’s been a good while since we needed a duplicate exo due to overcrowding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


that’s why I recommended in the past to move gleambow to this gap and make it official gleambow time (make it a summer event of sort), rather than exhaust everyone with overlapping events at christmas time


i have an idea - what about some kind of galactic phenomenon that will appear from time to time to change randomly colors at perma planet for awhile?
for specific palette, like eg blue phenomenon to change colors randomly for blue shades, cobalt phenomenon - cobalt shades, azure phenomenon - azure shades, tan phenomenon - tan shades, what do you think?


Asan Aussie, this idea has a lot of appeal - a lot of us have Christmas in July functions over here because it’s a much nicer time of year to be indoors cooking up a big roast dinner :slight_smile: So a Boundless version would see me playing with ice decorations when it wasn’t 45 C outside


I’m 100% down for a colour changing exo. One that lasts a little while as I’ve never experienced one or like @boundmore said move the gleambow event to summer. That would be perfect. I feel round about Christmas theres a bit of event burnout having 4 weeks of 2 events is a bit much.


When is the gleambow event on btw??

Only once a year, if so it need to come more often.

I do agree, any event will keep a lot of people happy and make more fun times while we wait.


it’s been activated in different times over the years

maybe it is time to give it its own time identity :thinking:


I was thinking of the same things how we need a event in July. In the US we have the 4th of July but… it’s not a global holiday.


Yeah why I suggested the Christmas event is because the candy canes are more difficult to get and I know a couple people that were busy during the Christmas holidays with family gatherings and what not and didn’t have much time to do that event.

Gleambow sacs we’re much easier to gather and a lot of people have stacks of them and can have player made gleambow events.

And yes a colour changing exo would be great too. But people have been asking for one for ages with no avail.

And again I know there is no devs to make this happen. But one might hope them deep pockets Monty once mentioned might be able to lure an old dev to help make it happen.
Money talks and BS walks as they say.



I actually never understood the logic behind squeezing oortmas and gleambow together - christmas tends to have real life demands and for many it’s not time to play a lot and freely. So apart from obvious event burnout its simply frustrating to try to find time for them all events as they come thick and fast.

Gleambow would definitely be better placed in different time, and oortmas could really use cane-drop/cane-crafting rebalance so players can get more seasonal items easier.


I’ve never felt this was balanced right even during the normal event.


100% agreed. The Balance has alway been way off. The drop rate could be doubled or even tripled on the red canes to make it much more appealing.


100% agree also about the balancing. It seemed way off compared to other events. Them Red Candy Canes had a really low rate to obtain.


or the recipes can be less cane demanding

or both

also, hatted creatures could have red cane drop chance (something like 1 in 5 creatures drops red instead or alonside the green one)