Christmas Sale + Idea Competition!

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Hey, a bit of a wall of text but Happy Oortmas everyone!

The Christmas (or Oortmas) sales are finally here! Head over to the authentic medieval market street in New Springfield for amazing deals and goods! The sales will last roughly a week from the 18th to the 26th! There will be NO refill once an items is sold out (I will be on vacation), so make sure you head there in time, first come first served!

Some of the items that is being sold are ore, bars, gems like Diamonds (only 79c each!) and other gems (Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby – 160c each!), fragments, rock salts, flint, opals, mob drops (eyes, trophies, glands, meat, hides, shards etc), refined stone and lots of coal – all types – and the best of all, these are some of the affordable prices you’ll find in the game!

You may also sell products here, such as Oortstone, Spooky skulls, Shadow Mustard logs and Oxide Gray stones!

ADDITIONALLY: There is an idea ”competition” lasting the entire week! The theme is medieval decoration! If you are able to come up with awesome and amazing decoration ideas (both interior and exterior) that I end up using for my builds, I will award 5-10k coins for each idea! The only rules is that it has to fit into the medieval theme (natural colors, no modern or outer wordly – check my little town for rough idea on what I look for). It could be new ideas for roofing, pathing, chairs, tables, walls, fencing, greenery etc etc. It could be as simple as suggesting to me to use 1 new block or as extensive as a full building (telling me to build bakeries or smiths etc does not count since I plan to build lots of houses associated with medieval times)!

For any competition submissions, PM me on Discord Quimby / Will#6720 (Copy paste). If you are part of Boundless official Discord you can just PM me, otherwise you will have to add me first!

So head over to New Springfield portal, located at Ultima Hub above Refgar, Eresho, Imoco and Gellis portals near the snowman snowman! For reference, check this video!

PS: I am on vacation for the duration of these sales, but will be available on discord!

Lovely feedback I got from Prome3us:

Make sure you visit it as well! Some products have already been sold out, and like mentioned, no refills will be available due to vacation!

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I bet people are going to buy up your stock to sell later.

If that’s what people wish to do, it’s fine :ok_hand: I chose my prices, glad I can make money by helping others get money​:sweat_smile:

Bump, still awaiting decoration ideas!

Another friendly bump. Still haven’t gotten a single idea reply :cry:

One potential idea, if you could make it work, would be to change the slanted roofs of various medevil cottages to being made out of dark red and green wood. Would look pretty natural and give it a christmas theme

Outside of the obvious stuff, such as trees, reefs, and presents, you could also incorporate decorative roads by making them red and green.

About the contest… are you wanting just verbal ideas with maybe IRL reference pics … Or are you wanting an in game example

Thanks for the replies! As for roofs, I may have to try with some very dark colors to not make it stand out too much. I am not too fussed about seasonal things as it’s a real hassle to change it back to normal, but using dark colors is not a bad idea at all!

And I’ll take verbal ideas, pictures, videos etc, as long as it is doable in Boundless in semi small scale with it looking good. Like plant pots made of furnace base or trapdoors etc :+1:

At least have one block of the river section wall chiseled to allow players who only have single jump and no grapples to get out of your stream… i had to sanctum out, then naturally fell in again :rofl:

I was thinking, if you use stone chisel and take away the near half, then bottom quarter of a block, it might give almost a stone-rope ladder feel and allow exiting…

  1. Having a block of gravel same colour as your stone floor every here and there would add a satisfying “crunch” to your step when walking around without sticking out too much

  2. Campfires or beacon controls in some of your larger buildings’ chimneys 1 or half a block below the top to give that live feeling

:joy: I am sorry about that :sweat_smile: I will fix it when i get home. So used to having jump boost and grapple to get out :+1:

2: I think you’ll find that my stone pathing is a mixture of gravel and stone already :ok_hand: I guess it’s working better than expected!

3: great idea! Definitely going to do that when I get home!

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Oh my Oortarch you do have gravel in there… subliminal messaging win!

Literally can’t think of anything else to add.

Haha, it was a great idea tho, sadly I was there before you :joy: but I will have to try the beacons when I get home, I am sure you’ll be rewarded for that :ok_hand:

Friendly reminder for any new idea submissions, last day is today! I’ve got a few great ideas of which I will surely reward with 10k each!

In case i missed the deadline, i dont care hehe. I found a nice way to make the “bleed over effect” from corruption to show through even when the original block is completely obscured by other blocks; will do a quick test later (if local lag allows) and if it works i think theres a great moss effect you can add where walls meet floors!

Edit- alas it seems to only work with corruption and not grass :pensive: