Christmas Theme design contest (SUBMIT ENTRIES HERE ONLY)


Hello please see this thread Christmas Theme design contest (500,000 total coins 15 winners) for details and or questions/feedback, please leave this thread for only entries of valid submissions


Example—(not my actual snowman, who ever created it should submit it and hopefully you win the 50,000 it does look really amazing)

Here is my snowman
Cords: 191N, 797E altitude 68

Now by the end date of 12-8-2018 12:00 central time the top 15 posts with the most likes/hearts will win 500,000 coins.


My snow person Topper.
Coords are -2122N , -1895E alt 67 on Angel 1


A very Merry Christmas Tree from Fable Mountain!

Alder next to Purrtoria, portal in Little Japan: West of Paradisus Bonehouss
-1,098N, -2,224E


573n 397e altitude 65 :grinning:


Getting into the Christmas spirit in Little Japan!


I have the Tree up. In plenty of time for Santa Oortian coming with my L.E.D. Blocks for Oortmas!

Gellis Prime - Gellis.
Coords: 217N -1,376E Altitude :66

EDIT: The tree is right beside my shop which has a portal from the Red level of Ultima Aqua HQ - Finata. Should make access easier for anyone who’d like to see it. Sign of the portal says “R3D’s” :slight_smile:


We might have additional bits coming out in a future event to help your “Oortmas” builds come along nicely :zipper_mouth_face: keep your eyes out on the forums for news!


@rossstephens you tease!


location -102N 1,445E altitude 66 world: finata
Best I could make with the time I have available in the next two days andthe materials I had on hand. Hope you like it! I love Christmas


My little Christmas display. :slight_smile:

Location: 1,752N 2,077E altitude 67
World: Kada I


Those are awesome! Some really creative people playing this game.


-1271n, 1327e altitude 69
World: Alder

Character Name: Eldrid


Location: -1,290N -1,208E (Altitude 70)
World: Grovidias Te


Good job with the LED’s


Trior 1580N 1051E altitude 65



"Winter Wonderland" built by @GrayFrequency on top of the Gyosha Mall.
Gyosha Ophin: 1485N, -859E, Alt72
She made a cute baby penguin & polar bear, an awesome lil igloo, a huge present with goodies inside (including a coca-cola bear!). She may still be adding to it, not sure…will update if there is more :slight_smile:


Thank you @majorvex for posting the vid and screenshots!

Merry Oortmas :grin:


Contest officially over votes are now being counted, thank you everyone, I will post who won and the winners please PM to claim your payout.

11 winners in my book, each one deserves the 50,000 grand prize, I will gladly pay you each asap .

Thank you again


Thanks for the prize money, @JohnDeW! Hope to do more competitions in the future.


Thank you @JohnDeW for a fun contest! I gave the 50Kc winnings to @GrayFrequency since she built the Winter Wonderland for us :slight_smile: