Chromis I - Help Pick Out Sovereign Colors - November


Our world, [Chromis I] --[T3 - Rugged Lush Sovereign World]-- [Active] - Color survey active is up for its first color change, and we would like to let you, the community, choose the colors!

The survey will close, and colors will be changed on November 9, and will stay the same for at least 4 weeks.

Simply go to the google form and fill out the survey!

If you prefer not to use the form, you can vote in this thread by telling us the block and color, and we’ll manually count that in the final total.

Feel free to use this topic to persuade people to vote for your favorite colors.

We plan to do this every month for as long as there is interest, so even if your colors aren’t chosen this time, you can prepare a campaign for next month’s thread.


Q&A style info:

  • How can I get to Chromis I
    • There is a portal available at Gyosha Mall in the sovereigns section (look for a giant planet)
  • What farms are available?
    • Lustrous wood and Sand have regen farms available.
    • Tangle, Thorns, Ancient wood, Twisted wood, flowers, and dirt are all available near the Welcome Center.
    • For more info, look here.
  • Why Google Forms?
    • I used Google Scripts to dynamically generate the survey using data from the Boundlexx API. This means that I can generate a new, up-to-date form each month with just a few button presses.
  • Can I copy your form?
    • Send me a PM, and I can either generate a form you can copy, or give you access to the script that generates it. I designed it to be shared, with relatively user-friendly settings, so you don’t need much knowledge to use it.
    • I may release the script publicly in the future, once it’s been tested a little more.
  • Why a T3 world? If I’m here to farm colors, T1 is cheaper!
    • The Maze biome, which has abundant Glacier, requires a T3 planet minimum
    • Meteors. We like solo and small-group meteor hunting, so we got a world with meteors.
  • Isn’t this going to make your world like crazy ugly?
    • Yes. Yes it is. This is a sacrifice we are willing to make for the freedom of colors for everyone.
    • There is a different kind of beauty in chaos, and seeing the different types of chaos that form from different interests should be really interesting.
  • How will ties be resolved
    • If two or more colors are tied, a random color will be selected.

In case some people are reticent to use the Google form, we’d like to open up voting on this thread as well. Since there are so many blocks and colors, it’s probably easiest to just put your preference in text.

You can find available item/color combos here:

Let us know if you have any questions!

Just 3 days left on this. Only two people have voted, so you have a good chance of getting the color you want. Feel free to just vote by stating your color choice in here, of course.

I’m amending the tie resolution to be RNG. Since there are few enough votes, the case of a tie will be selected randomly.

Color selection for December will be done differently, as I think this form may have been a poor user experience.

Alright, colors are updated on the world. I’ll have the main post updated as soon as I get the scan done and populated into the API.

For the December color change, we’re going to keep the surveys on the forums, to see if that does a little better.

In just a few weeks, we’ll have a theme poll to decide what types of colors will be coming up in December. One week later, we will put out a survey with a few color options for each block type.

Here is what we have so far:

  • Winter - Pale blues and greens
  • Christmas - Strong greens and reds
  • Cabin - Browns and greens, maybe some whites and luminous

Please feel free to suggest more themes here. They don’t have to be December-y.

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