Chunks Not Spawning

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I recently got back into the game, and for the past week or so I’ve been having issues where whole chunks just wont load in, no matter how close to them I am. I tried lowering my quality settings and adjusting my network settings, neither helped. Anything else I can try?

Ive had this problem nearly a year now… Ive always just thought its cause they havent rebooted the servers… This occurs To me mainly When Im using grapple and going i guess too fast that server cannot keep up.

(PC) Not an issue I run into, of course I do see the chunks loading as I progress fast forward, but never stuck with them not loading at all. And I do have a Speed Brew & Hookshot grapple addiction when it comes to getting around in this game… try clearing the cache ( in your userdata folder in steam for this game ), and increase the network download rate / cache size.

It usually happens when I am swimming, so it definitely cant be me moving too fast :rofl:

Turn your chunk download rate to low and it should help. Sometimes you have to go back to sanctum and come back out too

Going in and out of sanctum hasnt helped in the past. I cleared my cache and will see if that helps today.

I get this quite often on PS4, too. Sometimes it’s my connection and rebooting my router fixes it, but other times it doesn’t help.

So I tried the fixes recommended, clearing the cache didn’t help, turning down the chunk download rate seemed to help a bit.