Church of Pie

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Hello Everyone the people of Echelon have created a Cathedral honoring our great savior the God Emperor Pie and are wondering if anyone from other towns across the universe would want to praise our great savior and allow us to create other cathedrals in honor of him to spread his greatness.

This is the current main cathedral in echelon and are in the process of making one in Thraxxia on Tana


I love how you creatively used gleam signs to make tinted windows.


Found this place by accident today! Super awesome :slight_smile:


The great temple of cake will rise and defeat these pie infidels


Cookie Monster Church will defeat them all.


Your church is missing some benches sir


and pies :slight_smile: nice build!


let us not be devided. there is room for pie, cookies, and cake.
however if we had to choose on sweet to rule them all that would defanetly be the chapel of donuts.


I would think the King Of All, Zeus for all Gods of Food Olympus would be Merikan Pie… :v:


Legend has it if you don’t enter while munching on a pie, you’ll be cursed eternally to eat raw yams.


You didn’t just… :joy:


oh yes, I did :grin:


Exhelon was one of the first cities to give me that wow factor when I first started playing Boundless.

Thraxxia is happy to have the church in our city as well!


I dev include a spot in futur aquatopia :blush: I don’t wonna pie as a non believer