[Circarpor] --[T6 - Fierce Toxic Exoworld]-- [Inactive]

--------------------[:earth_africa: World Details]--------------------
ID : 4669
Name : Circarpor
Type : Toxic
Tier : T6 - Fierce
Atmosphere : Lvl 5 Caustic (4 levels)
Size : 3km (34 Regions)
Liquid : ▲ Water | ▼ Lava
Region : EU Central
------------------[:compass: Distance Details]------------------
42 blinksecs from Cardass
Warp Cost : 3400c
---------------------[:stopwatch: Time Details]---------------------
Appeared June 15, 2022 11:27 PM
Last until June 20, 2022 10:32 PM

Initial Resources

------------[Embedded World Resources]------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentageAverage Per Chunk
1Soft Coal Seam8,670,95663.61%235.21
2Iron Seam1,759,77112.91%47.74
3Coal Seam944,8296.93%25.63
4Medium Fossil Seam544,4613.99%14.77
5Ancient Tech Component Seam499,7723.67%13.56
6Silver Seam473,8283.48%12.85
7Large Fossil Seam293,9602.16%7.97
8Hard Coal Seam149,0531.09%4.04
9Gold Seam123,3400.90%3.35
10Titanium Seam65,0190.48%1.76
11Ancient Tech Device Seam50,6930.37%1.38
12Emerald Seam31,3510.23%0.85
13Amethyst Seam23,7570.17%0.64

--------------[Surface World Resources]--------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentageAverage Per Chunk
2Basic Boulder51,20816.57%1.39
3Tuber Plant28,7469.30%0.78
4Combustion Fraction21,9937.12%0.60
5Primordial Resin17,8475.78%0.48
6Boulder Tower17,2535.58%0.47
7Glow Cap Fungus15,1834.91%0.41
8Tapered Boulder12,7634.13%0.35
9Tinted-Burst Fungus10,1983.30%0.28
10Branch Funnel Fungus8,6402.80%0.23
11Trumpet Root8,5532.77%0.23
12Twisted Aloba8,0042.59%0.22
13Mottled Tar Spot Fungus6,6992.17%0.18
14Clustered Tongue Fungus6,1491.99%0.17
15Desert Sword5,5071.78%0.15
16Starberry Vine4,9831.61%0.14
17Rosetta Nox4,8941.58%0.13
18Kranut Plant3,4141.10%0.09
19Traveller's Perch9370.30%0.03
20Oortian's Staff6270.20%0.02
21Spineback Plant2750.09%0.01
22Weeping Waxcap Fungus2580.08%0.01


Circarpous II would be a better name

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I had a sov that spawned with the name Circarpous no number though. I let it go last week though.


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