City Management

How are cities managed exactly? Is anyone able to join a city? Just by placing a plot next to one? Does one person hold all the plots and then removes plots when people want to join? What about the market districts that are fairly common? I want to start a town and have some sort of management with it, but I’m just unsure how the game mechanics work with those regards.

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^ that might be useful.

But cities can grow in different ways. And these ways can effect how they are managed I think there are 3 types of settlements :smiley:

•Natural grown cities:

People randomly begin to build around each other growing and expanding.

-Management is non-existent, there is a high chance to issues but at the same time high chances of growth. Main issue is inactivity and lots of abandoned beacons making holes in the city.

•Road cities- semi planned.

This cities start with a small group and as more people come in roads are build to accommodate new citizens.

-Management in this cities is better than. Natural cities, you as the founder have an unspoken authority and agreements, this requires a lot of work but with time or an active group of helpers you can upkeep the city well enough.

•Planned cities.

These cities are very Difficulty to built and grow. Depending on your theme and design people may or may not be interested. You can either allow people to build within their own plots in pre-dertermined spaces or build within your plots. These types of cities are very hard to make.(I haven’t seen any planned settlements active to date)

-Management is the easiest of all, but is very restricted causing a lot of problems bringing people in, depending if you own the plots where people build or if you restricted the size of buildings it’s easier to manage but the most likely to remain innactive.


I believe there are 3 types of markets.

  1. Malls
  2. portal malls(like portal seekers shopping hubs)
  3. city markets(stores build around an area)

Epic tip: using the guild system and locks also breaking down settlement between different beacons will help managing a city

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That’s really seems inappropriate. How would you describe managing a city?


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@CoopTang also advertising that you’re building a city will help get people to possibly settle down with you. With updates on the progress of it as well. If you’re trying to do a themed city make sure to advertise that as well but if you don’t plot the whole area you won’t really be able to enforce it. Tho can’t really enforce it when you give them plots either I suppose. Just will have to give them to people you trust will build to the theme.


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