Hydronia , Is it to late to start new cities within boundless?

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With the worlds seemingly barren/ dormant how hard will it be to start a new settlement within the game, especially for a new player like me?


if ya have questions let me knowz
ya can always start new towns
a town succes depends on the builder
if ya build a town and expect people to just show up it wont work
you need to post about it on regular bases and provide some services to towns people
nice lay outs etc
you can look at old towns and improve on there mistakes etc
def go for it
ya got my full support
try get close to the embassy hub :wink:

maybe theme it and look around for whats not done yet as a theme

pm if ya need tips been along longtime and learned a thing our two about towns
especially what not to do :smile:
dont make a hub for hubs invest your portals into linking around town rather then a hub full off links
there allready alot out there that link to everything
so only one link is what ya need
for the rest placing portals to zones to build on attracts lots off new players


You can start a new city no problem. The hard part will possibly be attracting people to join. You’ll need to plan it out in advance though. You’re going to need to reserve all the plots you need ahead of time if you want it laid out a specific way.

You’ll need to promote it and get people to join. Just be ready for a lot of work and dont let it burn you out. Take your time with it and make a solid infrastructure with roads, a place for portals, shops if you want them, etc.

Look at other cities to get ideas and build on them to make them better


I already have a portal in the aquatopia embassy in the personal portal section, you can check it out if you want to


cool thought if you want new players we can look into a more exposed spot
maybe bigger sign


Im still working on the building though…


Too late? Never too late. Keep them coming!!!


yeah maybe better keep low profile and build first
dont forget to leave room for new players :smile:


Well ground wise I have the land I want its just a vertical expansion from now.


Pictures! We love pictures.


Ill send one later as Im actually not at home right now, but you can view the progress now if you check it out. all you need to do is go to the aquatopia embassy and look for Hydronia in the player portals.


but like i said, its still under construction, about 10% complete…


Dont worry hoss. I got my build done maybe 5% ^^


2% and 1% on my builds. On schedule to roll out at the end of 2119. :wink:


It is never too late



That’s my hard to read rough draft of the project :slight_smile:


YES! I knew I couldn’t be the only one who like sketching these things out on paper! Go for it, we honestly need new cities and towns since some old ones eventually regress. It is never to late to get into the city building scene IMHO.

I used to want to build a trading city (similar to the two major malls that exist now but before they existed). I decided against it only because after getting the roads placed my opportunity to put in the time I felt I needed to get it going dropped off. I still plan to build a city one day, but now I just am more about taking my time with it, and it won’t be a rush.


As others have said, never too late. I’ve been here a while and watched new cities (and other things) spring up seemingly unable to take on the big builds and do just fine.


Since I started, new planets have been added at levels 5, 6, 1, and 2.

If you can’t find a spot or the worlds you like are too crowded you can stack blocks and watch for an opportunity to help open up something new as well.