City of nova: alnitans (concept art)

i’ve had this idea since 2016 and I haven’t found a way to implement it… since now!

Journal details:

  • Icyplaneton is where it is (super uncreative name) the closest thing to it in boundless is alnitans.

  • The city is near an icy ridge and outcropping

  • The city is domed (kinda like down by the shore with Pauly on gyosha ophin) but rounded

  • The city has many awesome skyscrapers and houses including electribow shop. a weaponry superstore that sells bows and arrows, shotguns, and crystal bombs (closest thing in boundless is gem bombs and specially forged slingbows). the hotelle (a skyscraper with apartments and a food shop) , the Triangulum building, a guild hall with Cafe Coffee which sells bread and coffee (closest thing is energizing brews and meat loaf), and finally, Nova mall (shopping convenience for all!) (was supposed to be a big skyscraper but due to boundless rules, has to be horizontal)

  • the city will be the HQ of a new boundless guild, a civilization, the Triangulum/Triangulynn alliance (named after the galaxy (pinwheel galaxy or Triangulum) and Constellation (triangulus)

Concept art:

A concept art of the city and some of it’s buildings. it’s dome wont be perfectly round but it’s portrayed like this for easiness

Map concept art


sounds cool - looking forward to seeing how you implement your ideas :sunglasses:

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i’m making a map right now based off the journal entry of the fictional city. the original design was lopsided and I’m attempting to adapt it to a square
edit: i did!

I started doing the same thing for my city.

My Map

Good luck out the T5 building can be fun.

Not to be confused by the City of Nova Golda! :smiley:

Sounds nice, have fun building!


and TERRA NOVA. lol i know but the idea came before boundless EA was released