City Planning Software

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I have found myself running a village with about 10+ new players I’ve met in the game, all formed by greeting each player in thier first hour into the game to our humble village.

I am wanting to build and grow this village to not only be beautiful and roleplay worthy, but to accomendate each resident’s goal they want to meet in the game. Definitely not how I saw myself playing this game, but I wouldn’t trade it for all the cubits in the world.

So, to the main question

Despite plots being cubes, the 2D planning is the main thing I need to do. Sure I can draw on some paper, but I’d like to know if there is any software that could be used to help making these plans and expansions of the village any easier. I also welcome any tips those might have for a new “mayor” such as myself.

I don’t deserve to be a leader, but I wanna do my best to give these players the best time I can. Any help is appreciated.

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I know quite a few people here on the forums use MagicaVoxel for their planning needs.

I havent used it myself but seems to be a pretty straight forward 3d modeling app.

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Huh, I’ll have look check it out when I get home.

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MagicaVoxel is one of the more popular ones. I bookmarked this thread a while back that lists some other options as well

Probably the biggest things weve run into in our various settlements is road size, city plot size, deciding if your working with the environment or leveling it, filling plot holes to keep griefers out, and most importantly reserving space for a hub. Know that your going to have to access and shift these builds a bit if you dont account for some of these things. So be on good terms and try to leave some open space between builds. Also the real roads in boundless are the portals. They should be central and accessible.

Yeah, currently in the center of our town I am building a town hall, a little two plog building with the guild book and a single portal that will lead to an underground portal hub for the guild’s personal transport.

I do eventually plan on making a portal for the center of the trade district that will lead to a second underground hub, though I wonder, can one portal be the exit of multiple entrances??

It cannot, although ive thought that would be cool before. But mappinging connections with variable fan-in and fan-out would probably just confuse people.
All portals to date are 1 to 1.

I never really planned out New Infinity, I just started on an island and built roads to connect areas and flat lands , now people are coming and building were they wish :heart:

Cities skylines.


if you draw in magic voxel and count each pixel cube as one plot
you can draw a map in no time
color code the cubes to represent streets shops homes etc etc
thats most basic way to use it but its very handy
(if all your roads are square :slight_smile: )


We made a mini scale version of our city in game out of dirt before we built it. From memory we did 2x2 blocks = 1 plot. Wish i got screenshots, it was pretty cool.

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I use Magicavoxel for my build planning needs. I just make multiple files to cover various things. I have one for a workshop, one for a entire city layout, one for a shopping kiosk, etc.

Some of them I’ve started in the game. Most of them I haven’t though.