City's ever Exist

Did the City’s in the Boundless Trailer Exist? who were the Creators? what happend to them? Are there more pictures of them ?Me Kurious lol

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Depending on which trailer you’re talking about, I think it might be related to cities built during the Early Access planets which have been wiped a long time ago.

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( ;.; ) it would be cool if they were still there lol

They need to bring them back as exos. With the settlements still there.


Or as a Extra Planet So everyone who watches the trailers have that planet as Inspiration

One of the towns on trailer (around 0:45) was Chisel Town that was made in about one day.
It was really cool community made event :slight_smile:

In trailer there are shown many buildings and towns from early access for example City of Steam and settlement that had statues of wildstock and atlas (I don’t know name of place).


Do you know how to make the time lapse video? That would be cool to try with one of my builds.

I would expect that you have to have someone who stays in place and films with a video-capture software (like Fraps, or OBS Streamlabs) with a low FPS rate (so as to not have a super heavy file) for however long that event lasts, and then you import the video file in your video-editing software (like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc), and you’ll have ways to compress the video there.

But I’m not a master at that, so you’d have to ask someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah it’s usually a matter of dropping frames out of a regular video, or stringing stills taken over time into video.

If you’re solo you could do it by just going to the same spot and taking a screen cap every fewminutes.


Well I have the game on pc. So I could leave a pc character somewhere to record. I’ll look into that software to record it and go from there.


How do you align the spot you are standing on and the angle of the camera?

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I suppose you could mark the spot with a particular block?

If I was going ot do this I would open an earlier shot and just match the angle as closely as possible. It sounds like he can dual box though and an actual recording is best. You can also see yourself progressing that way.

I would assume that’s how the video above was made since you can see people moving around doing the building and it’s a very smooth progression. If you were doing it with stills it would look more like stop motion with stuff just appearing in the finished video.

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You can try with data that debug window offers :slight_smile:

Able to get some sort of timelapse tool or screenshot archive could be interesting microtransaction service for Wonderstuck.

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more later


Eh, my house was on this mountain
it was ugly and made of sand, miss him :pensive: :relaxed:



Oh that days were great back in time …
Look at all of them unchiseled blocks :boundless:

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Little off topic, nostalgic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


all other photos i found. It’s a shame i didn’t take more pics :frowning:


and then the wipe happened


Some of you will like it :wink: