Chisel Town ⍒Themed Town

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City layout


1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Reserved
6:Reserved 7: 8: 9: 10:
11: 12: 13: 14: 15
16: 17: 18: 19: 20:
21: 22: 23:

Make a reply if you want to reserve certain plots.

Our new city will be surrounded by high city walls. In the center there will be a huge poral hub with over 80 portals accesible for players. There will be also several big player shops where merchants will sell their goods. Around the city square there will be 37 plots for other players.

Small plots are 3x2 size, you can check size of remaining ones by yourself. Just visit city building ground behind ChiselKnights HQ portal hub.


1:Pollard90 - 2:Kirinvar - 3:InkCherry - 4: - 5:IAintNerdy - 6:Karokendo - **7:Reserved - 8:Reserved - 9:Reserved - 10: 11:Dash - 12:Dash - 13:OldManWillow - 14:Warghoul - 15:ComplexRogue7 - 16:MeloFr - 17:the-moebius - 18: Jenndragonfly - 19:CosminNegoita - 20:Touch122 - 21:Reserved - 22: - 23:Astralus - 24:Sam - 25:Will - 26:almund - 27 - 28 - 29:TinxE - 30:Sam - 31:ChimeraGaming - 32 - 33: - 34:Dhusk - 35 - 36 - **37:**reserved for 3rd party guild

How to join?

If you want to join, make sure your read Information section below. You shall also reserve your plots by replying to this thread. We will assign you a plot for your building. You don’t need your plots to build in our city. We provide them.

City will be built in RPG/Medieval style. This is important. You must know how to create a good looking building. Make some preparations, check this page below buidelines and put some effort into learning medieval style. If you have trouble with creating your own design you can copy one of buildings.



  • Strict RPG/Medieval naturalistic style: wood, trunks, stone. Natural blocks for decoration
  • You MUST provide a design of your building. Check Magicka Voxel and make your design there, please share screenshot in this thread.
  • You may choose one small building plots.
  • Reserved plots are plots for Big Shops - for dedicated Boundless players who will not leave them empty after 1 month.
  • Plots strictly around the hub are reserved for well designed building with some functionality: shops or roleplay buildings.


  • Lustrious Wood Trunks for frames
  • Metamorphic Stones (not rocks) for filling
  • Metamorphic Bricks for decorated parts
  • Sedimentary Bricks for pavements
  • Lustrious Timber (square chiseled) for roofs
  • Various types of leaves and gleam
  • Colorful torches
  • Grass Seeds and Soil


Want to join Chisel Knights?

Old Poll

  • I will participate
  • I will participate and record it!
  • I will sadly not be present :<

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@Warghoul @sam-27 @the-moebius @Jenndragonfly
@SolFall @IAintNerdy @DashEWz @Kirinvar @Dhusk @142857

Please choose your plots once again. We changed city design a little bit.

@knightsb @DashEWz @po11ard90 @Dulki @CosminNegoita @InkCherry @Wormate

Please choose your plots once again. We changed city design a little bit.

I’ll take 34!

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plot 18 please!! :smiley: :purple_heart:

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Hey @Jenndragonfly I will assign you that plot. However this plot is strictly next to hub. May I ask you to create something interesting there like a small shop? :slight_smile: It’s up to you what you will build but we want to make it a really living place ^^

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i had 2 plots before, so 11 and 19 i guess it’s ok, 7 8 9 & 11 are still mandatory shops right?

if we fill the city ill donate plot 19 to whoever wants a number when they get all taken

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7 8 9 11 are reserved for big shops. So you want both 11 and 19, right? :slight_smile:

plot 17 for me


yup, priority on plot 11 please

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I am thinking a gem/metal shop with a dwelling above it. Does that sound good? I am going to make a dry run either near my house in Aquatopia or in creative minecraft :smiley: I downloaded Magicavoxel but have no idea how to use it…but here is my idea for a design

i want a house with shop below…i am looking at how to vids for magicavoxel so i can design what i want :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’ll take 14

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I added information about this event at Plaza. You can also teleport to Event Area using portal on the right.


@Karokendo Hey, I am out. I can’t make that time. That puts the event at 3am in the morning for me. I wish you guys all the best and can’t wait to see the final result.

I will take 25! :slight_smile:

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I’m on plot 2. Thats what Big Plot 4 used to be, I guess. :thinking:

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I’ll like to take 33 the most otherwise i’ll like 12 or 13

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@Wormate @Kirinvar @Dulki I assignedd you these plots :slight_smile:
Remember to read Guidelines and prepare your building design! Feel free to ask ChiselKnights if you need help with it.

Today I will probably post some building designs :smiley:

Hi just wanted to know how big my plots is like fx. is it 2x2

Dulki, your plots is 6x4 size: 48x32