Chisel Town ⍒Themed Town

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Great I made a plot view idk how accurate I am :slight_smile:



It’s actually perfectly accurate. Thanks dulki! I will link it to main post


ermmm im not sure which plot to have lol maybe thinking maybe number 1

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ill take plot 6 :smiley:

Assigned plots 6 to you! :smiley: Please make a good design for this building. 2 story high prefferable!

i will try, may i reuest materials if needed?

Aw, I won’t be available to do this event on that date now. Oh well, Good luck to you guys! Looking forward to seeing how the city looks! :sob:


Shaman would like to take 37 please

I am gonna recreate something like this :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what we want in the city! :slight_smile:

I will take 16

16 is yours @MeloFr ! :slight_smile: Please prepare some good design for it, maybe set up a shop.

@Karokendo locations have changed? ill take 24 if its still free :slight_smile:

This city will be really big :slight_smile: It doesn’t fit in my computer screen :joy:


OK, here is my design (first attempt at Magicavoxel!) I hope you like it. It will be more detailed in the game, of course with chisel edges and flowers and grass, etc. :smiley: I did it to the scale of a 3x2x3 plot area. If it’s too simple, let me know and I can do something taller and more grand…its a WIP.


Screenshot shared by @Dzchan94

We’re getting close to finishing the city frame.


I will take plot #19

Plot #19 is yours @CosminNegoita ! :slight_smile:

I finally had an idea for what to build… i wanna build a blacksmith! Complete with shop stands a furnace and of course anvils (plinths) :stuck_out_tongue:
It’ll be one storey and I’d like a small plot as im a slow builder (will be designing ahead of time to ensure it gets finished :slight_smile: )
Preference for plot 23 :slight_smile:

here you go @ctrl-64! I assigned plot 23 to you :slight_smile:

also @Spoygg @Juksefantomet @JoeBranz, take a look :slight_smile: