Chisel Knights ⍒ Guild of Dedicated Builders

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About Chiselknights

Chisel Knights is a builders guild formed in pre-alpha stage of Boundless. It is comprised of players working together to accomplish common goals: Making big structures, help others and create a friendly community.

We are mainly active at discord channel and in game. Players in our guild are not obliged to live in a certain location, or pay weekly tribute. We are not hardcore and at this point we have no ranks. Instead we preffer to show members deviotion by specially designed points system that players can earn after participating in guild events.

In the future Chisel Knights will be in the possesion of private planet where we will build all of our guild structures and every guild member will have an opportunity to create something breathtaking

Our Projects

⍒ Oort Temple - Megabuild and Portal Hub

⍒Chisel Town - Themed city with Portal Hub & shops

How to join?

We expect some dedication from our guild members although we don’t want to generate pressure of people. This is all for fun, so basically everyone can join.

Bonus points:
.+ If you have a sence of composition
.+ If you’re a builder
.+ If you use a magicka voxel (later on everyone will be teached how to use that software to create building models)
.+ If you want to create the biggest city in boundless.

However, you don’t need to have great building skills! You can join us just for fun. We will be organising mob hunting expeditions, group mining events and other kinds of cool activities.

To join our guild simply join our guild discord and official boundless discord and be active! :slight_smile:

It is highly appreciated if you send me: @Karokendo some screenshots of your buildings.
GUILD DISCORD (required):


Can’t join the Discord server, the invite is no longer available.

Hey @Scortion I updated both discord links :slight_smile:

I would love to join Chisel Knights!! I tend to build more modest sized things, but would really LOVE to be a part of a huge build (someone design it and i can do the grunt work :wink: ) as well! Here are some of my builds


Guild info description has been updated. We are recruiting once again :slight_smile:

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