The Oort Temple ⍒ Huge Community Project

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Oort Temple Project

Welcome everyone! We - people of the Pixelgate city, people of Dragon’s Watch city, people of Therka Market city and people of the wild lands - decided to connect our forces and worship to our Gods who created 12 connected planets. With a blessing from an ancient race who left a great technology for our use, we rise that great temple together to honor our creators, and the Oort.

Our combined minds capable of claiming huge chunks of terrain allowed us to protect that temple from the Evil Regeneration Spirit and the Grieffing Devils.

Our goal

We want to create a place for people to rest relax, and find team before another adventure. Oort Temple is situated by the trading city Pixelgate, which support our people with iron for their sw… ekhm. slingbows, gems for grappling hooks and blocks for raising new settlements on dangerous planets.

We want it to become a center of boundless community before we expand to another lands and create a planetary pact. Our main goal is to create a huge portal hub in that location, which will contain portals to all 12 planets. We want it to be a place for medium and small player guilds who will create their castles around it.

Current Status

People of Boundless have already donated 410 plots to our project. We need 640 plots in total (64 vertical plots) to complete plotting our project.

and :’( 1 death

R.I.P @Jiivita


41/64 vp
vp - vertical plot = 10 plots

1 vp - Xanotos
3 vp - ScorpionMissy
3 vp - Miige
1 vp - Mittekemuis
3 vp - Dzchan94
1 vp - PharaohNai
10 vp - Nibuls
2 vp - AnnieGYG
15 vp - Jiivita
1 vp - Dr8cK0
1 vp - Prime06

What we need?

How to support?
Contact me -@Karokendo- at forums, through the game, at discord
or contact @Dzchan94 or @Miige - they will inform me.

We need two forms of donations:
Plot donations

We accept donations in quantity of 10 or 20 or 30 and so on.

This is ‘current’ stage of our project. 41/64 vp plots

As you can see we need only 23 vertical plots to complete our plotting mission. 23 vertical plots - 230 plots in total. It’s like 10 plots from each of 23 people :slight_smile:

Resources donations:

Munteen Twisted Trunks

White Metamorphic Rocks and Stones

Raw oort stones and portal conduits for future use.

You can always donate in our portal hub in Pixelgate :slight_smile: We really really appreciate that.

Our localisation on Solum


You can find us at:
-200 1800
Planet: Solum (US east)


[details=Summary]and this is how it starts

lots of meat down here

Building zzzz…

fun time! newcomers are here!

it’s getting bigger!


Oort Temple Project.
Made by the whole community.


Incredible! Sorry if I outed the project too early in my video!


Np, the video was great btw. Thanks for the compliments


All the time forget to ask :smile: Why so high began to build?

there might come something on the bottom

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There are several reasons for that

  • Lifting it up a bit makes it look bigger and more massive.
  • People will build their plots around that temple. We don’t want some buildings to cover that buiding.
  • Only on that height i could claim 8x8 empty space without having to flat some terrain.
  • I’ll build a basement for it so it will look nice and natural :slight_smile:

Are there any portals connecting Vulpto to Solum? it was my home planet, but I moved off in search of bigger communities. Seems like I made a mistake.

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There is a portal to vulpto at Pixelgate’s portal hub (Solum).

@edit Yep, from Havok’s hub to pixelgate


@Karokendo How did you make the plans for the finished temple in your OP? I’m guessing there’s some software that does that.

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software is called MagicaVoxel and its free


new screenshots!!!


Many things changed! We’re currently making 12 sections for blocks, which will contain all important blocks from all 12 planets. Credit to @Okkelinor for idea posted some time ago.

Also, 2nd floor is comming in a week :slight_smile:


Looking pretty sweet so far! Great idea to have materials from all the planets too! :+1:


I’m very happy because my humble idea gained second live :slight_smile: Thank you!


How do you go about donating plots? Practically speaking. How are they added?

I’m something of a newbie when it comes to community builds, plots and shared beacons.


each person who donated put down a beacon, and then claimed the 9 plots above it. then they shared Karo to it so he could build inside of it.


Right now we have 5 VP left (each vertical plot is 10 up). And well beacon permission for Karokendo and myself.

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@Xanotos and @Dzchan94

Thanks for the information. I assume builds like this will be done under a single guild beacon in the future? Is there a reason behind the number of vertical plots?

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Well, you can’t claim under or above one player beacon, so instead of claiming horizontally, we claim vertically. We needed 64 vertical plots, as more people came around. There’s only 5 VP left to claim. That’s it.

Well, and yes, guild beacons will simplify this kind of projects.

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Sorry for the barrage of questions, but can you not claim any of the plots above or below another players beacon? Even 30 plots up or down for example, or is it just the adjacent above and below?

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