Clean up crew

The capital on Ruchs has been hit pretty hard…again. If anyone was free to lend a hand, that would be great :slight_smile:


at the moment 8 player here to repair all

Still lots to do if anyone else is on!

Thanks to @1nquizitor, @Saint_X, @Heurazio, @Mittekemuis @emeraldweapon / @DarkRepulsor - I think that’s everyone!

It’s nice to know that there are a lot of decent players out there :slight_smile:


Be nice if cleaners could get a special issue pickaxe… @james/ @ben? Don’t know how you’d distribute them, exactly, but maybe they expire after 24 hours? I’m just talking about something that destroys blocks really fast.


yeah, that wall there is going to be hard to take down…faster pickaxe would be great.

Yeah I’ve been thinking something like that would be handy in situations like this.

We missed something. I did a short lookup and found an other big grief behind the “City” where we have cleaned :frowning:

Maybe this could be part of the Token system. @james

I have not seen the griefing. It is believable or does it look like a hacker?

After helping on Yugen (goddamn slabs) - yeah a faster method to cleanup would be amazing in these cases.

…I’m not certain, but I don’t think that giant red brick wall around that beacon is supposed to be there, possibly a first case of encasement grief? Somebody is seriously trying to ■■■■ with scythe’s builds…

It looked very believable. A lot of randomly placed blocks. That would have only taken maybe 10-15 minutes to place but a couple of hours for all of us to clear.

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At first I wasn’t sure but when I noticed that it went around the outside of the Beacon I did think that it was most likely to be a case of sealing, although there is a door in it. I have sent a tweet to Scythe to clarify but guess he’s not around at the moment.

Thank goodness. I recently tried a game “Reign of Kings” which demonstrates just how devastating to a game hackers can be. They might as well close the doors. It would break my heart if that happened to Oort.

I would love to help, do you still need more people? :grinning:


At the moment I think it’s just about under control thanks :smile:

I’ll be periodically checking to see how if there’s been any more trouble and will update this thread if needed.

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ok let me know if u need any help :smile:

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Help is still needed. It’s really a mess.

To the owner of the area, am I to assume that giant brick wall also needs to go or is that part of your base?

ok i can help…is it the capital?