Clearing trees

Is there any faster way to do it right now? (would pouring lava over them do anything?) I found a PERFECT spot for what I want to make but smashing every leaf to clear enough ground would take way too long.

If not, any plans (or ETA) for leaves to decay when the trunk is gone?

Lava removes leaves, but you do not have unlimited sources of lava.

If you need help cleaing, you can send me a pm with server and coords.

So did you confirm that they changed it so you don’t have unlimited water and lava?

Explosive arrows could do the job … but it’s time consuming farming essences. i did this for a huge clean up and it was no fun as well.

Once I thought about it, I’d probably burn myself alive in the process and lose the source block again anyways.

The good news I found enough of a clearing to get started with the first bit… and I’m slow enough that there might be a better way to do it by the time I run out of room. (stocking essences in the meantime)

@Sequell Appreciated, I just don’t want to suck up anyones time until I need the room for sure and know which ones I can avoid chopping! (I am ridiculously slow at building)


Are u on Lapas? Welcome! Make yourself at home, glad to see a friend on my Favorite little world :smile:

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