Close all open windows

Because of the new behaviour of the inventory button there now exists no button to close the current open window. Please add a button to close the current window and please make it work with the inventory button such that it doesn’t open the inventory if bound to the same key.

basically make it work like most other games with inventories…

I don’t understand. Escape or Circle should always close screens. Is this not working for you? Are you playing on a controller? Inventory screen is also closing fine with E and I for me.

Have you remapped your controls somehow?

If you have the “Open Inventory Using Interact” option turned off the interact key does not close your personal inventory.

The issue is if you have a machine or storage cube inventory open and press the inventory key it opens your personal inventory where as before the patch it would close the machine inventory.

EDIT: Escape does work, but then that requires different key entirely and I’ve got habits built from many other games, so the sudden change with this patch is jarring.

also if you’re in another menu, like worlds or your character screen, you have to hit escape multiple times. I really just want a single button that is: “go back to the game regardless where I am”

I understand if I’m canceling something like a trade or have modified my skillpoints there might be some extra confirmation/error dialog, but I find it annoying to have to hit a button, wait and make a decision whether to hit another button or not. Or worse I have to think whether I have to hit escape or tab or e. I just want a single button to press, and continue playing the game.

It’s not the end of the world, but menu skill-checks frustrate me a bit :S