Close combat weapon


Sword, knife, maul, mace…a freaking club.

We need a H2H weapon.


You can use a hammer if you wanted or any other tools.


Nah, we just need “Pitchfork rage epic” to increase tool damages to mobs :sunglasses:


To what? Amuse the critters while my hammer bounces off, lol.


I think there is some functionality that actually stuns hopper when hitting those with hammers. At least I remember some patch note like that on early access this year. :smiley:


Something like the lance?

(concept art)

There’s been a lot of development towards it over the years (with a lot of mentions of it in the mid 2017 devlogs, and a few more mentions since). And a lot of references to it still in the game data files. Hopefully it eventually makes its way out to us


Animals resist tool damage, like from a Hammer. And Hoppers are stunned by any weapon and will start to roll away if you hit then consecutively.


Really hoping we still get lances. It’d be a great thing to have so people have options


I hope we get a whole slew of different weapons. I don’t care if they have identical stats.


Still waiting to get VFX like that on our tools :stuck_out_tongue: