Art: Code name 'Lance' Concept

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Sorry for image spam but this went through SO many amendments because of picky designers /stink eye (I’m j/k Ben)

Also Claudio modeled a placeholder mesh out of an earlier silhouette to see how it will look in game:

Props: Guild Flags / Banners
Close combat weapon

Those look positively leathal! I especially like the barbed looks.

Am I seeing this right? It looks as though many are extendable!


These all look excellent!

Kind of gives me the impression (and the hope!) that we can style our own lance to look how we want from a selection :smiley:


Adding to Devlog collection now :smiley:


They all look awesome!

But as it was mentioned in another thread about lances. They’re typically held on waist height and not over the head. Unless we can throw those too. Then I have said nothing^^


Really awesome concepts but I agree with @KuroKuma. If the lance is a two handed weapon (which it seems to be ) it would look better if the lance would be held like this:

and not above the shoulder.


same as @vastar and @KuroKuma it looks really weird to hold it above your shoulder if you want to stab people with it.


The fact that lances are extendable does change the way you would fight with them though.


You would get an even weirder point of balance if you extend it.

Think something like this would be epic


So… held over the shoulder would be more of a thrown wep like a javelin, right? I’m ok with that as well.


two words… HOLY MOLY


I really like whats going on with these. The only thing i’ll say is some of these look impractical in terms of balance, but, this is a game so impractical works just fine! :smile:


Over the shoulder feels really awesome in 1st person. Also it’s one handed (don’t want to penalise Lance use by not allowing dual weild). Nice aside is that over the shoulder creates a quite dynamic and distinguished silhouette compared to other tools, should be quite clear what players are doing from a distance.

Anyone who’s seen Mad Max can picture how a lance with an explosive tip is going to work :thumbsup:


Love this new weapon, has a good looking shape and as 3d model will be the prettyest one.

Seems that some designs could have a double use, as a lance and as a sword in how much you look at it


But but but… then it’s a javelin, not a lance! Javelins are 1 handed thrown/ stab weapons held over the shoulder! And you would not want to hold on to an explosive lance, it would blow up in your face!


The top 3-4 images look a bit more like throwing spears and bladed staffs then the final product. It would be interesting to see some of those designs pop up down the road.
All and all, the lance looks incredible and very menacing. Especially since the character modeling the weapon is the one I play as! Great work!!!


All I could think of with silhouette and one handed was this :frowning:.


I’m not going to argue semantics on a forum.

Our design flow looks a little like:

  • We need a melee weapon.
  • Slashing, swiping combat in 1st person is hard to nail, how about a deliberate stabbing attack?
  • That sounds cool, how about a stabbing Lance thing?
  • That sounds cool.
  • Artists, make us something that behaves like a Lance, with a deliberate stabbing motion. It is NOT a lance, it’s something new!
  • Artists make something cool and new.
  • When we finalise we decide: does this make sense to be called a Lance, or should we give it a more thematically interesting name (eg: Slingbow)
  • Rename item (sometimes)
  • Done!

We’re not at the end of the flow yet, so we may yet rename it.

Alternative basic melee weapon type/style?

Understandable that it has to be onehand, but i think this looks brilliant

A more straight from the shoulder posture rather than over the shoulder, so its definitely going the right way.