Art: Code name 'Lance' Concept

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PS: the already made example reminds me so much of keyblades from kingdom hearts, which is freaking awesome xD


Does this mean the lance will be the only melee weapon?


I’ll scale my sarcasm back a touch since I seem be rustling more jimmies than intended, but that’s a cool insight into the work flow behind designing items!

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Probably for a while anyway, they seem to dig the “1 of each then we can make later” concept


Lance is the only melee weapon in the short term. Our approach at the moment is to have two core weapons (melee, ranged) and use them + Forge upgrades + ammo to cover a very broad range of weapon types in a very sandbox-ey way.

Slingbow + Multishot Upgrade + Explosive Sapphire Ammo = effectively an exposive ice shotgun
Lance + Range Upgrade + Poison Ammo = effectively a poisoned longrange melee weapon


Weekly Dev Update: 2016 August 12th - PS4 Parity, Progression Progression and more
Will Boundless have unique items?

This should give tonnes of variability, tonnes of experimentation with crafting/forge, tonnes of combinations of weapons + ammo and tonnes of sandbox fun!

(and not thousands of assets!)


Yeah was about to ask about that

But that system has to be reaaallyyyyy complex and allow for a variety of playstyles, if not then i think combat will quickly get boring if everybody have to use the same weapon type.

But it definitely sounds interesting.


Let me get this strait. These are lances, not pikes am i correct? Because i saw pictures of some oortians holding the lance, above the head instead of under.


It’s not a lance but something completely new that behaves like a lance ^^ @HueJanus


I’m kind of disappointed then. Because they could have just made them two different things quite easily… The lance would be smaller and under the shoulder, acting like a low damage fast attack speed weapon type, while pike/spear would be high damage throwing weapon. Let’s see how it turns out.


@HueJanus, this is why they did it the way the did it:


Yeah, but that’s not what they want ^^
If you would’ve read the thread before Posting (no offence) you’d know they only want two core weapons (ranged/melee)


Ok guys, sorry for bothering but, as a weapon fan user and knower i must say…

THIS IS NOT A LANCE (just because a lance is a one handed long calvary spear) THIS IS A SPEAR.



Lance 2, tournament lance because it has no real metal head


Now, sorry for the spear image (it’s throwing it) but as you can see in this video about spear fighting in formations shoulder using spear with short Spears (less tan 1.8 meters if one handed) was used and it’s used.

Also i’m not saying its a bad desing (i love it :smile: but i suggest you to change the name to spear and, in the case of mounts, let the lance as a separate weapon. Nothing more.

Overall i really love the desings :smiley: I’m just saying the correct terms… because i have when games use the terms wrong…

I’m speaking about you D&D and Dragons Dogma… D&D Greatsword is a longsword, the longsword a one handed sword(aka arming sword), and Dragons Dogma longsword it’s a Greatsword!!

For names i suggest Mount and Blade (warband) because it has a 80-95% correct weapon names and sizes in the base game (native).


Does this mean you dropped the plan of making two handed weapons?
(I still think that wielding it at the height of the hip would look cooler though :neutral_face:)


These all look -really- cool. However, they also look -really- unwieldy. Like… If it’s going to be held the way the silhouettes hold them? I just can’t imagine that. If it’s held the way the ingame example is holding it, sort of out to the side like a keyblade [someone else mentioned it and now I can’t unsee :D] then it’s … Okay. It’ll work. But not for the longer designs, and some of the heavier ideas would need two hands unless they’re made of styrofoam.

Held over-hand, like a javelin [not lance!] you would want a stabbity weapon. A lot of the designs are stabby, but unless a character uses a second hand, that’s all they’ll be. And that stabbity will be weak. Held to the side, like a sword [still not a lance!], you could use a lot of the more elaborate designs, but they’d need to be relatively short to avoid venturing into two-handed sword territory.

Venturing into lance territory would see a heavy handle, with maybe some counterweight to the back. But it would need to be held underhand, and again it’d be nothing but stabby. So really, what you’re looking for is a short-sword type of fighting. Overhand doesn’t work, no matter how cool those silhouettes look.

There’s a design on the very first image, second and third from the bottom, that would make a neat sort of one-handed lance design if it was attached around the upper arm near the base. imo explore that idea if you want to try for something that’s unique and not-a-sword, and I think you’d even be able to call it a lance if you wanted to, then.

The question really becomes whether or not the first silhouettes are the way the characters are going to hold them, cuz you’ve said that you like the over-the-shoulder look, or the mock-up 3D model. Because if it’s the former, these just give me the ‘haha no that’s not how weapons work’ feel. These guys have pretty big forearms, but I want y’all to pick up a broom and run around holding it over your shoulder like that by the end of the handle and when you’re done let me know if you think you can stab something with it.

tl;dr: swords. what you’re making here are swords. unless you’re using the first silhouettes, then what you’re making are silly.


I think I may be the only one of these forums who read the below:

Guys, it’s a bloody weapon. Just look at it as a weapon and give comments on it on things other than the name. After all: [quote=“ben, post:18, topic:3859”]
We’re not at the end of the flow yet, so we may yet rename it.

Try reading posts :wink: :kissing_heart:


Long range melee weapon! I look forward to gun-lance…



I like the art you posted. did you make those? Good example of how far a few different particle effects and different colors could go to make things look super sick, and also give people an idea of what kind of weapons their opponents are using before engaging.
I would like some sorta way to modify the actual shape of the weapon, but that may come in due time.
Maybe have like 5 different models for the lance depending on how it’s built. Could influence the fighting style of it and give different attack patterns.


I don’t understand what you mean by two core weapons?