Art: Code name 'Lance' Concept

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Oh ok, i understand now.


Yeah, this is why i was confused, because a lance is a two handed below the shoulder weapon NOT used as a spear…


Lol, it’s not that i haven’t read posts, it’s because i don’t remember them. Not everyone takes a bit of info, makes it into his/her being and remembers it even in death. Some people like to discard irrelevant info from their brains in order to store info that seems more relevant to them. You and Clexarews, would be placed in the category containing the first type of person mention in this post. No offence, but assuming everyone is like the first type of person mentioned is pretty ignorant, and is a pretty blind insight of people.


Lets, uh… all take a breath and return to discussion of the original topic of thus thread. There are loads of different opinions out there with their own merits. Let’s not get stuck on semantics, as Ben said.


Nah mate, i couldn’t draw to save my life, they are in the art they posted above with all the different shapes. i just found it curious that we had “elemental” weapons


Sorry, but please read my post again.

Lances are not two handed spears they are, in fact, one handed calvary spears Dot.

So thats all XD

And for a spear (one handed or two handed) over shoulder grip is always accepted as an option, even alone, but mostly on formations


Last I checked pikes where rahter bad throwing weapons, they are like 3-7 meters long :smiley:

If you would read the thread you can see that the name is placeholder…

Also @HueJanus you can mark a piece of text and qoute it instead of replying seperately to every single post. This make what you are commenting more clear and make it easier to read the thread.


I didn’t mean to offend you, sorry, but the thing with two core weapons was literaly posted five posts above yours :slight_smile: That’s why I assumed you didn’t read them.
But I hope you understand the concept of this weapon now :smiley:


Nope, our system still supports two-handedness! We don’t have any planned in the short term, but adding them from a system perspective is trivial.


Would you consider something along the lines of darksouls “Powergrip” or whatever it is called? so the lance is a one hand weapon but you could use two hands on it for a damage increase. so Dmg for utility.


Yeah I’m familiar with that. Totally something we’re considering for two-handed (and it’s good re-use of assets rather than having to create two-handed variants).


Sorry, but with the THIS IS NOT A LANCE coment was for explaining the things about the diferents kinds of sticks with a pointy end AKA “spears”.

I had read the comment, but i wad saying that (and adding images and a vídeo) because a lot of the “forumites” where changing the name too and the only thing i wanted was to give a more acurate name and information.

The name doesn’t really bothered me, but was all the extrange comunity missconceptios.

Sorry if i didn’t explain that XD

But overall good job @Ben!!


Sorry about that then :smiley:


Np, really :smiley:

I just forgot to say that on the other message XD my bad

Also (i forgot this too XD) the “fist head” “lance” and the machete-bigknife-sword headed “lances” look cool :smiley:

Still… Change the name to spear…

Oorstabber!! (Reminder of our old name and original :D)


The “Ampblade” (amplified blade)


I like how it’s a “Code name” now :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, those Namethemwhateveryouwant designs look great and I cant wait to get them into my Hand or both, especially with the planned optional addons and alterations, but I hope that there will be still other kinds of melee weapons as well.

Don’t get me wrong: The idea is brilliant and quite unique, but having only one kind of melee weapons seems still a bit limiting. Stabbing is cool and interesitng, but whats with smashing with hammer like weapons or swinging something for area damage in front of the character? Also, it would get boring over time if stabbing keeps the only method of melee combat (no matter how versatile the damage types are).

So in short words: Great concept, but don’t keep it as the only one for melee combat, please :wink:


I really dig the ideas. Since you guys are going for a crystal type thing or at least it looks like it. You should somehow incorporate cymatics into the weapons energy source. Maybe when you attack it shows a cymatics shape? Just a out there thought.


I think those lances also look a little bit like mysterious, extra sized keys. Imagine there was an ancient super sized tomb. You and your partner both own two (different) keys. You could open the door of the tomb by each placing the key at the keyholes (one left, the other right of the door) and switching them simultaniously. And the gate opens.
Or imagine the was a giant, locked gate, blocking the way to an untouched valley. You could open it by placing the right key.


forgot to say what my favorite whas it is the 4th in the first picture