Art: Code name 'Lance' Concept

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As far as the “Power Grip” idea goes I think its a good idea to implement not only because “it saves assets” but it can also be applied to the duel wield mechanic. Just like the concept image the blade can have two states. The shorter duel wield mode and the “Power Grip” (extended) mode. This could be a simple crafting recipe of just the blade. so a player would have four swords on them at any given time to give themselves diversity in combat. two short swords for duel wield, the long sword, and another stand alone short sword. the fact that you need a crafting recipe and not a hotkey will make it so you have to plan before your fight and also make it easy to program the difference between duel wield, power grip and one handed.

The duel wield recipe can be two short swords that then turn into a single duel wield item.

I’m new to the forums and this game so sorry for my sloppy format. I hope my idea wasn’t redundant and was at least a little helpful.


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1 weapon with many variations or many weapons with 1 thing is basically the same thing :slight_smile:


Another brought back to life. We need melee weapons or at least give tools a creature damage ability that can maybe be forged on to them. I should be able to use axes,hammers or even a shovels when fighting.


You have issues damaging creatures with tools right now?


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Go max control, damage, speed, and make a single hit tool with added hit and crit chance and crit and you can really do some damage. I have an offhand that’s weak that I have just to arm my builder against those jumping madfrogs.


They do not work nearly as good as the slings. Would like something equal to that.


Did someone say relic lance weapon that can be found in the world at a very basic level and advanced to higher levels through finding more rare materials in the world and durability maintained by feeding it resources crafted by players?


What @Venom said! do this, this needs to happen!


I kill creatures with axes, shovels and hammers… I’m usually on exo’s For mining so I box spitters in and slug them with max damage hammers for pure brutal enjoyment. A lance would enhance this experience!! :hugs:


I so want a lance.