Closed - 2 Free Steam keys to give away!

I have 2 global steam keys for anyone that needs them. Would be nice it they went to people who didn’t already have the game, perhaps for a friend or family member…

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Went to visit my uncle several months back, found out that his daughter does live streams all the time. So of course I got to talking to her about Boundless. She said that she does not own it and she has never heard of it before. Not sure if she has Steam though. But my son has a steam machine. He does not have the game

Ill send you one now, and if you find out about your neice (if that is the right word) just send a message and i can send you another…

Will PM

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Thank you Samski, your an extremely genuine good natured person. I wished there were more people with good hearts in this world. There are tons of good natured people on this game. Probably why it’s the only game I play. Thank you thank you thank you my son will be thrilled


I’m sure someone else will ask for one, so don’t send one to me yet unless somehow nobody claims it. I’ve been wanting to buy the game for a few people, kinda waiting for a sale so the purchase can double as proof that a cheaper price point is the way to go, and I can afford to shell out the cash for those copies.

Hopefully someone replies who has a friend that would def play but don’t want to pay full price.


Ill give it a day or so otherwise ill send you a key. Also will be doing this again im sure…

You just missed out on a sale at the weekend… lowest I have ever seen the game on Steam at just £8.24

:flushed: that is disappointing. Would have bought it for everyone I’d think would try it.

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I have been thinking about doing a giveaway…missed the sale :weary:

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Still one available if anyone needs it.


Hi my friend) is it still up to date?

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There is another 75% off sale up through the 24th now, in case you or any are still interested in picking up cheap! :slight_smile:

Save 75% on Boundless on Steam (


Wow that’s cheap buy


Thank you!! I just sent 5 copies out, trying to wrangle steam names of some other friends.

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cheap sale, new players, much wow


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