[closed] Construction competition (Cat organics)

Construction competition

First of all, sorry for my bad english. I was never taught. I went to a school where the teachers thought we would never be anything and so they didn’t teach us. I also have a colorful mix of teaching disabilities. I hope the Goggle Translator translates everything well enough and you understand what I’m trying to get at.

Now. I’m running a building competition. This should start on April 1st, 2021 and end on May 31st, 2021. (No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke). The aim is to build a cat or a statue of a cat sitting on a pedestal, as can be seen in the photo. I do not provide any building materials or tools, only the plots (5x5x8) that I will leave behind after the competition, especially those of the winner. Therefore use material that you can do without. The base should match the rest of my base, colors are black, white, iron and blue.

There is also something to be won:

1st place:
500,000 coins (if he wants, he can build the statue again at a different location and then get another 1,000,000 coins)
900 raw diamonds
900 silver ore

Place 2:
175,000 coins
9 T6 hammers

Place 3:
75,000 coins

If you want to participate, please register here in the forum. Thank you


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I think you did great!


You did fine and sadly welcome to the Internet. There be trolls on them there forums.

Honestly though, I would not put such an emphasis on your language barrier/differences on each post, for every person that’s understanding or didn’t even notice there will be 5 more who see it as an opportunity to grief you or take the p@@s. Fortunately BL is pretty good for not doing the second.

Your English is A LOT better than you may believe and I wouldn’t have had much of a clue if you hadn’t raised it tbh


I repeat. This is not a joke. This competition is very important and serious to me.


5x5x8 plots, holy moly that’s a big cat


The purrrr heard around the world :rofl:.


I want to hang out in this catcade when it’s done :blush:


I’m definitely interested!

The plot size is pretty big for a contest though. Are you wanting two giant cat statues as a permanent part of your city? I’m wondering if you’ve thought about just hiring a builder instead of a competition?

I’d be happy to build some statues if you supply the materials and/or payment. Something that size can be expensive to create.

Either way, sign me up! I’ll enter the competition. :slight_smile:

Where is your base? and/or the contest zone?

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The plot size is absolutely huge. I don’t want to enter if the plots are self-provided (because I have no plots haha) but i’d like to enter anyways cause Cat. A lot of resources will be needed for it tho. I can make 2 cat statues (I have a good Idea on the cats to do or them too)

It’ll be greatly appreciated if it’s creative build contest tho, then you build in live universe.

Yes 5x5x8 plots is big, but I never said that you have to or should use the full size. If you can build so well that you can get by with less space, then I’m very happy.

It is only important to me that you can clearly see a cat. The cat should look like it does in the photo, this is very important to me.
I make the plots. I cannot provide the materials, I am poor, very poor, and it will be a challenge to provide the winnings myself. And yes, I am thinking of 1 statue in my base of this cat.

The competition place is still being prepared because I wanted to see how many would want to take part first. My base is Niia Zed Ka (-.1.957N 2.029O). There are no portals there yet, as they are very expensive to maintain.

I’ve also thought about hiring a building contractor, but I don’t know how to do it in order to be able to be seen and would be very disappointed if his work doesn’t look good in the end.

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there are people in game who do this kind of work often, and they can show you what they built so far.

I have a suggestion, if I may: you could make a competition where they build a small organic sculpture (any creature, any colors, use their own plots and mats ( or maybe cat theme, but more freedom)- same rules as any other competition we had so far) this could be a fun little event ( you could probably get other players to sponsor it (I personally would donate some coins, and I’m sure many others would too)
and the winner gets the contract (so you would only have to worry about 1 sculpture in a precise location of your choosing)

what I see here as the main issue, is that the rules are too restrictive for a competition and people might not want to do it because of that… the rules are perfectly ok for a contract work though ans the reward is fair.

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Closed for the time being.

In the absence of interested parties. But mainly because I saw the day some ongoing building contests and their duration and prices. I absolutely cannot keep up with that and will probably have to try another way to get cat statues.

In the distant future, when I probably have a few million coins (which will probably never happen, there is simply too little to make coins.) And my small pension allows it in real life, I will organize another contest with better prices and better planned process.


Wait wait wait…

How many coins do you need?
Did you need other prices, like forged stuff?

Closed as per the OP. (Will gladly re-open this thread for you, when you’re ready.)