[CLOSED] KingLeonidas T6 Platform Meteor Hunt Sat


:beginner: LEADER : KingLeonidas

:spiral_calendar: Day : NO LONGER DOING

:globe_with_meridians: Planet : Hallathree (Lv 4 Potent)
Access TNT Sov Wall > Valhalla > Vikings T6 Network > Shedu Tier

:bow_and_arrow: Best Bow : Ruby, Diamond, Amethyst, & Blink

:dart: Meet : Vikings Hunt Lodge
Access TNT Sov Wall > Valhalla

:gift: Prize : TBA

:warning: ADDITIONAL NOTES : :warning:

  • Track hunt leader, stick together, and wait for portals to avoid activating wrong meteor or dormanting
  • No dropping trash around group
  • Bombs are only allowed for trees, but it’s extremely rare that we need them
  • Only hunt leader and helpers are allowed to open portals
  • Please ensure to have but not limited to… Lv50+ Hunter Page Setup, Diamond Healing Cleansing Replenishing Bombs, Any Gem Strength/Fast/Armour Bomb, Extra Damage Slingbow Augments, Invigorating/Starberry/Persisting Pies, Mega Strength Brews, Reviver Brews, Revive Augments, NonStatus Food ie Cooked Meat, Forged Bows with High Damage, Grapple, Lootstick ie Totem/Tool with +2 Light & +9m Attraction

My Hunter Skill Page


will this happen again next weekend?

he has been doing weekend hunts for some time now

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2hrs till HOPPER CORE time!!!

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