Closed Poll: PvP Depth: Beacon Sieging

There is a whole discussion about being able to attack and destroy beacons and the the area they protect. I personally don’t support the notion at all, but I want to see how the playerbase views this idea.

  • Yes, I want to be able to annoy people by destroying their hard work in a siege!
  • Yes, I want to attack other people’s homes, assuming there is beacon regeneration of course, they may not have a functional home for like 4 hours but it’ll grow back.
  • No, it defeats the purpose of beacons entirely, if you want to destroy things so badly attack something that isn’t being protected.
  • Option 4, the choice for complicated people, explain your so entirely different opinion below.

That’s not a biased poll at all! Nope, not one bit! :wink:

The wording is biased but it still contains the 3 basic ideas which was brought up. :slight_smile:

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The wording is what I was joking about. I got a chuckle out of it


This Poll is just a joke. Not only that your writing style suggest what would be “good” or “bad”, no, you also didn’t post the whole f…ing topic where this is discussed since a long time … neather you link to it or got all of the options chosen there … sorry, but this is just bull…t :point_down:

… I try now to make a new poll with neutral answers that also include those many people liked in the topic above … … Kids -.-

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here now a new poll with the options talked about in the topic to sieging :wink:

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Thank you @TheBirne.

Still less biased than the other poll, this one is humorous at least.

Terribly biased and also misrepresented

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yepp, translated it means …

  1. I want to grief

  2. I want to grief but not permanent

  3. No griefing please

  4. Let’s talk about griefing

… ^^

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