[Closed] Selling Base/Castle (Incomplete but functional)


Location - GLEAMS, Vena 5 (Connected to portal network)
Size - 268 plots (You will probably need 270)
Worth - 240,000 prestige
Price - 50,000 (The materials alone would probably be worth more than this.)
Furnishings - Everything currently within the plots other than:
Machines, Metals, Stored decorations, and a small quantity of basics (1 stack Stone, Wood, etc.).

I am not going to post any pictures because it is currently open to all players to view.

This has been my home and base since beginning to play boundless however, as I have played more I’ve continually added to it causing it to become what it is now, which is far to large for what I want. I would also like to reinvest my current plots elsewhere to new projects.

Please post if you would like to talk to me about buying my base, Obviously if there are multiple offers of roughly same price will lean towards people wanting to use the base.

EDIT: Sorry for the long reply, Here are some screenshots of the base however. (Sorry for the excessive size)

View from portal (Front)

Portal room

Part of storage

View from bridge (Front)

Upper corner

Crafting area

Top view


Maybe you can add some screenshots to your post so we can see what you are actually selling? :slight_smile:

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I think most people would like to see a screenshot before deciding to spend their time travelling and sight-seeing.

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I don’t know how to close a discussion, Can someone who knows how/can close a topic please do so?
Thank you in advance.

For future reference, you can tag a leader and we’ll come along and close it for you. @Stretchious and I will typically be along shortly.