Cloth and Soil Blocks

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Let us make Tile, Brick and Stucco blocks by refining compact soil, maybe with some level of bonding agent or glue.

And let us make cloth blocks using Sackcloth, Cotton Cloth and Leather by refining it with another block that provides the color.

Adding these two groups of blocks would allow for more intricate and controlled builds at the lower end of the prestige gamut, but not so low as to be detrimental to prestige. Additionally, a ton of people, myself included, would love to be able to utilize more of the amazing colors we have out there, without being confined by an inappropriate texture!



The colours of the cloth could be taken from dyes extracted from plants and foliage


I like that idea. Using foilage for the color determination.

I like this. There are some great soil colors. I’d also like the be able to make sandstone in a compactor.

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We could chisel out the shape of a tent with the sackcloth block, and have a second use for the campfires in the woods.


I thought about that, but then the plants and foliage blocks were all pretty universally in the same tonal range and I thought it would be a little limiting. Plus any artist can tell you that pigments come from all sorts of ingredients including soils and stones.

Yeah! I hadn’t thought of sandstone! Though sedimentary rock is basically sandstone.

yes it would be swell to have more blocks that aren’t super hard to make.

Yeah, but we don’t have yellow sedimentary rock :slight_smile:

This sounds similar to the Oortmas package coloring scheme, which I thought added a lot of depth to a small piece of content.

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Yeah, very similar, but less confined. It’s more like the newer blocks that take their color from one of the ingredients, even though multiple blocks may be involved.