Coal disappeared in a spark core?

I had 50 compact medium coal in my inventory.
I wanted to place 40 in the spark core bundle (10 in each slot), as shown below.
The first one disappeared. No spark added. Thought it was maybe a visual glitch and it’s invisible, but there is no indication of the 10 existing as spark production speed shows only three tens being processed.

As I finished posting this and came back to the game, it was there (in the first slot) and one of them already “eaten”. Also spark per second updated to presence of fuel in all 4 slots.
Maybe just a connection interrupted for a moment that I didn’t notice, that delayed server response and the coal stack wasn’t then confirmed as placed in the slot for a while?

I have had this happen on numerous occasions. A relog will make the fuel appear in the spark generator.


It actually appeared without re-logging - a minute or two later while still in the same view :sunglasses:

Hmm, could be some odd misprediction going on here. Have you seen it since then?

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No i haven’t.
Never have had it before either.

I have seen it on very rare occasions. Never “ate” the coal though I did have one that never showed up but fed the spark normaly. I did send a report back then.

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It will sometimes do the same thing for oort shards when fueling portals. The server understands what happened, it just isn’t reflected in game till it reloads what you are looking at, walking 2 portals or planets away and coming back usually fixes it.

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Thanks for the replies. Definitely submit game logs as soon as you notice something like this, as @VirtualEclipse has mentioned above.

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