Coal Shop Open Again! - New Metal Storages!

Hi everyone!

So, after countless hours of calculations and building, the shop is finally open again. It’s still rough on the edges design-wise but portals are open and baskets/shopstands are set. Some items have low stocks on the shopstands because I am waiting for my baskets to be flooded :smiley:.

Talking about baskets, many buying prices have been increased (as shown in pics below). As usual, baskets are refilled daily for needed items.

Most important items prices are definitely the metals:

  • Iron ore @ 5c
  • Copper ore @ 6c
  • Gold/Silver ores @ 19c
  • Titanium ores @ 8c

Rest of prices are in pictures. Thanks!

To those who got worried about the shop (thinking it closed or regenned) and contacted me, you guys are the best and it’s people like you who keep me pushing… when my baskets aren’t shown enough love :joy:.


Thousands of all types of metal storages being crafted now. Keep an eye on the stands as they slowly get filled!


Excellent, plan to be both buying and selling! :grin: Your request baskets will be one of the beneficiaries of my new character’s mining level grind I think, haha. :wink:

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First batch is out!


@RedY3 The place looks great. The only issue I saw yesterday was the road runs into nothing now.

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