Code Gleam Officially Reopened


Code Gleam has officially reopened with all of the current gleam colors, excluding the new ones from gleambow racing and cold berry that is still under construction. We currently have portals from the PURE network and Legendville Mall with more portals planned to be added.

Below is a map to help you navigate Code Gleam, note that the colors on the map are not exact colors but similar to help you find the one you are looking for. Also now in Code Gleam signs are being put up to show what colors are through each portal.

As a further benefit we are working with another farming network, Regen, to connect to Code Gleam. Stay tuned for updates on this.

P.S. While we have a spot for the Cold Berry gleam it is not the best, if you have a spot you would be willing to give to us to set up as a farming spot feel free to pm me.


Glad you’re back :smiley:


glad you’re back you were my place for the gleam🥰


Glad to be back! <3


Awesome to see this back in business, good luck & good travels🤗


glad code gleam is back too! always was the best place to go on a farming spree with an inventory of bombs and aoe hammers…regen farm ALL the colors :smiley: