Coin Decay into EXP over time

Would a coin decay mechanic make sense in Boundless? A system where 10% of your coin evaporates every month and gets converted into EXP for that character? This would help solve the perceived problem (whether it actually exists or not) of the rich just sitting on piles of money while also encouraging people to spend that money before it goes poof.


It would just happen on a monthly event called Experience Day :joy:

The rich stay rich and the poor get substantially poorer


The rich get hit waaay harder on this one. 10,000,000 coins would lose a whopping 1,000,000 on Experience day. But if you had 7,000 you would lose 700.

Besides, it would convert into exp so it’s not a total loss.

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I thought about that. Could make it also affect baskets, so you see +2300 exp when you approach them :joy:

No reason to force players to move coin around.


There’s zero point in forcing players to spend their coin in fear of it disappearing on them at the end of every month.

Actually, I think a lot of people would just not play the game or quit straight up if this idea was implemented. I certainly would be among them.


so no point in a new player saving for the 20K hammer, now you want to take 10% of the coin away. . I think this is a bad mechanic for a problem that I am not sure even exists.

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So those with the most coin level up even faster so they can make more coin quicker to level up even faster so they can make more coin quicker to level up even faster so they can make more coin quicker to level up even faster so they can make more coin quicker to level up even faster so they …

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Again, the amount of coin is not the problem. It’s the lack of desirable goods. Coin is already too hard to accumulate.


But then the rich get huge amounts of xp so how is that differnt the poor get some xp but still would be a problem

There would be a booming money laundering business. Say hi to the mafia, lol

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I feel this would help people who have income from footfall and shops, while potentially hurting the rest of us. Because they have regular income, as opposed to stored money, It would also encourage hording as opposed to selling, which is something to consider. It would potentially hurt people who buy in goods, as I for one would be much less likely to sell until I was about to use the money to buy.

That said, I’d be happy enough, as I like gaining plots heh. So anything that speeds up the gain, I wouldn’t mind that much.

As others have said however, that’s all immaterial. The problem is the overabundance of resources. Caused by higher tier worlds dropping all of them, creating no rarity whatsoever and much less need for anyone to buy things. While its true alts contribute, they still take actual time to play. If resources were limited to individual worlds, I couldn’t gather most of what I needed in one single run. Alt or no Alt.

Hopefully T7 will fix this. IF they put NEW resources onto it for NEW recipes, and leave the old ones on the old planets. Gradually introducing unique spawns for each tier. Thus meaning the market becomes more important because time is important for players. Pure soloists who don’t use shops will dislike this however, so its a case of does the game want many shops or just a few? That’s what’s being decided I guess.

This is absolute madness! Why on earth would we want to force players to redistribute hard earned coin? This is almost like proto socialist game mechanics being suggested for a video game. I’m not for this idea AT ALL!

So we’re OK with the rich being rich…? There was a lot of hate on other posts directed towards portal hubs and the wealthy so it’s good that nobody wants a flat out coin decay system. It would make a good drain plug for when the market gets too full of coins but that day may not come, or we may get another coin sink before then.

The rich are a great coinsink, probably the only one needed in the game. Once they stop playing a lot of currency dissapoofs.