Coin for hire! Calling all diggers!

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Topped up request baskets at Borambil soil farm via Take The Train Gunnedah(Lasaina)
Easy access from TNT/PS lasaina/DKmall Tana
Borambil Soil Farm
In much need of harvesters collectors looking to gain some coin for harvest.
Over a dozen baskets waiting to be released of their coin :hugs:
Lend a hand and earn some coin.
Great under farm aoe friendly stack after stack just donโ€™t have the time to collect myself. Happy to lend a good regen bomb to applicant :+1:t3:
Greenmo & Emo thank you in advance !


So you need soil? A specific color or type?

The orange found on lasaina , I think stark orange silty soil (at work will check) and peat n clay as well local colour though mostly in need of clay n silt for compacting

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