Coins are Real!


Weapon enhancements are already covered by augments and (presumably) forge enhancement.


I think selling spark is a neat idea. It would save a ton of space for people who want to craft without build an electric company for each tool that needs spark.


Can use those unknown technology product to craft those automated queue production machine, but can’t use this technology to make Hot-Weapons?
In addition to bombs, we are still using cold weapons!

Cuttletrunk can use unknown bio-energy to suspended in the air, and also launching bomb, high-energy lasers, generate traction waves from their eyes.
Why players are have unknown technology but can not reproduce the Cuttletrunk attack way?


Well, it’s a biological attack vs our own crude tech literally mashed together with tech we don’t understand.

Though, from a game development standpoint, maybe it’s just not been developed yet. There is still a lot of work going on behind the scenes.


I’m not sure what you mean by hot weapons vs cold weapons. My ruby slingbow is hot enough to burn creatures for example. :stuck_out_tongue: Although my cold weapon (sapphire slingbow) is also pretty sweet.

But on a possibly more relevant note, generally speaking there has to usually be some sort of balance where creatures can do things players can’t, because otherwise hunting would likely become way too easy. (Since there are already lots of things we can do, like build/dig, that creatures can’t.)


Cold-Weapon: Uses mechanical energy generated by a physical mechanism, e.g bow, crossbow, cudgel, sword…
Hot-Weapon: Using chemical energy(Combustion system) or electric energy to launch missile.
It’s not said that weapon’s attack part has high temperature then can be called Hot-Weapon.

Advanced weapons that use Spark to attack can be strong, but they are also can with highly cost, it’s not a problem…


maybe the value can stay on the sparkcore in inventory when breaking
maybe it can have subdirectories like a bag in your inventory with its own inventory like herb pouch our hunting sac (for enemy drops)
then we can have more free space :smile: