Coins are Real!


I found something that was new to me - Oort Coins! Once just a concept I collected from beacons and stands . . . I mindlessly opened a shop stand and removed the tech remnants for sale, hammered at the stand and two things dropped . . . the stand and a strange chiseled ‘c-shaped’ symbol. They got collected by my super-attractive powers of course and then the info came up on my screen . . . that I had collected 90c! So excited I screenshot-ed of course, missed capturing the actual drop but snapped the evidence.
Well, it was new to Me! :blush:


Now if only we could build with them (or least use them as decoration somehow)!





Whaa . .? I didn’t check my inventory! :wink:


That doesn’t actually exist :wink: the item was just available to spawn in sanctum


Ahh, god-like spawning in rule-bending (test?) Sanctum. I understand! I’m sure every shopkeeper has already discovered the dropped-coin item; I was just so excited to discover something random and have a sale! :crazy_face:


Spark is real too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


should I ask what part of your body it came from? :wink::grin:


Wait, so Spark already has an in-game asset… I would be so happy if it dropped when breaking a spark core! No more wasted spark!


i know right


Wait what? So coins are now actual in-game items?


Would be nice yeh, would need some more design in the gui so that you could “manually add spark” to the spark-core via the inventory too. @olliepurkiss


Coins used to be collected in a similar way to that didn’t they? In the previous GUI where you could see the item and take them out?


We added the Coin and Spark assets to stop people losing them when breaking blocks that contain them. This works fine with the Coin as you can see, but the Spark proved more problematic. We don’t want them to exist as objects in the inventory, and if you pick up the Spark it cannot go straight to a Spark Core.


Not consider to packaging and selling Spark?


Hmm, ok, how about if we had the ability to passively hold spark in our inventory, but it quickly dissipated unless it was placed in a new spark core?

Oooh, you could “augment” spark into a spitter’s spark gland to reduce the rate of dissipation of your spark! You could hand trade charged spark glands, but it would be a bad idea to try to sell it in a shop stand.


Spark glands + spark cord = tradable spark container?


Oooh, spark cord + charged spark gland. Why a charged gland? Well, it becomes like a battery- dead batteries have no value.

Either drop loose spark directly onto a spark gland (less efficient but instant. Maybe can “overcharge” a gland by dumping a massive chunk of spark into it?) or place a spark gland into a spark core to slowly absorb spark from a core’s reserves for a “full charge” (some set limit where a gland is charged, but stable) before crafting the charged gland and cord together in a work bench.

I… dude I think this is an awesome idea


A dedicated “Spark Rechargeable Battery” maybe a good idea?
This will turn Spark into a kind of mobile resource that can provide energy for special items.

Such like as many “Technology mod props” for Minecraft

Then players can craft Hot-Weapons, with spark battery, throw energy bomb, like Cuttletrunk!